WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: The first-ever Fist Fight took place on Raw while we also saw some quality matches

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: This week’s Raw episode was filled with loads of matches and crazy moments.

It all started with an incredible match between Randy Orton and AJ Styles. The pair have been at it for a while and the Viper came out first to address the crowd.

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction
Drew McIntyre picked up an impressive win on Raw (Image credit: WWE)

Styles interrupted and claimed his RKO was better than the Viper’s but Drew McIntyre added himself into the match and spoke how his Claymore was the best.

The triple threat match went off well with The OC coming in to help Styles. However, they got an RKO and a Claymore.

McIntyre was sent out of the ring by Styles and Orton and the pair went at it. They teased using each other’s finisher before The Viper hit an RKO.

However, McIntyre came out of nowhere to land the Claymore on Orton and win the match.

McIntyre beats Orton and Styles

Grade A

This was a nice twist to the start of the show. WWE advertised Orton vs Styles and seeing McIntyre in it was great.

The Scot looked good and didn’t have to squad a talent this week, and that was great for his push too.

Ricochet in action

The next clash saw Ricochet take on Mojo Rawley and both wrestlers had their moments.

Ricochet was inventive to reverse some of Rawley’s move and the high-flyer used a Recoil with a 630 to pick up the win.

Ricochet beats Rawley

Grade D

A match that no one really wanted and it didn’t have a story behind it too. Ricochet is going to be in the Royal Rumble and this was just a method for him to gain more momentum.

Charlotte vs Logan

Last week Sarah Logan disrespected The Queen and trampled on her robe, so it was natural that they would face off again.

The pair will face off in the Royal Rumble too and this match was an easy win for Charlotte. They again brawled outside the ring but The Queen got her opponent to tap out tot he Figure 8.

Logan was then tossed out of the ring, just to show that Charlotte is ready for the Rumble.

Charlotte beats Logan

Grade C

The match wasn’t anything great as Charlotte was handed an easy win. However, The Queen is building up a lot of steam ahead of the Rumble, and it will be interesting to see how she performs in the match.

Brock Lesnar makes another statement

Brock Lesnar came back on Raw after last week’s appearance, what a surprise! The Beast and his advocate Paul Heyman put out a promo of how his client will win the Rumble after being the first entrant.

Things took an interesting turn when Truth came out to taunt the pair. He declared himself part of the Rumble and claimed that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

It seemed that Truth was aiming a jibe at Lesnar, but he thought that Heyman was in the Rumble.

The 24/7 champion backed out of the Rumble learning about Lesnar’s participation but the WWE champion F-5ived Truth and seemed to have a great time.

Rawley then came back to pin Truth to pick up the 24/7 title.

Grade A

Truth coming out saved this segment as he genuinely is one of the best with his comedy. Lesnar actually had fun in this part too and it was great seeing that Rawley got the 24/7 title too.

The timing of Truth is excellent and even if he isn’t WWE championship material, at least, he gets a few laughs from the crowd.

Rusev back in action against Lashley

Lana and Lashley came to the ring to avenge the humiliation they suffered from a couple of weeks back.

Both men put on a great show with Lashley taking control. However, The All Mighty then ran into a ring post allowing Rusev to take advantage.

The Bulgarian Brute teased an Accolade but Lana intervened and this allowed Lashley to hit out at Rusev.

As both men were down, Liv Morgan came down to face Lana. However, the Ravishing Russian threw a drink at Morgan’s face and Lashley picked up the win with a spear.

Lashley beats Rusev

Grade C

The match itself was decent but this storyline needs something more. Lana challenged Morgan to a match next week with both men involved, and it seems this feud will continue for a few more months.

Open challenge for title

The Viking Raiders came out next and issued an open challenge for their tag team titles. The Singh Brothers came out for the challenge and were easily defeated by the Raiders.

Raiders beat Brothers

Grade D

A squash match with no real story behind it. The Raiders have looked great in recent weeks but they should have been against the OC or the Street Profits.

Royal Rumble contract signing

Becky Lynch and Asuka’s contract signing was next and the Empress came out with Kairi Sane.

Both women spoke out about the match, Asuka in Japanese, and the Empress then hit Lynch with the green mist.

The champion had to get her eyes washed outside the ring and a fire was lit in her. Lynch added she was going to take Asuka down and nothing in WWE was going to stop her.

Grade C

The contract signing didn’t really do much for either star, even though Asuka hit the mist from nowhere.

However, this should be a great match at the Rumble between two of the best in the business.

Round III of rivalry

Another Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy fight took place on Raw this week. Black was 2-0 coming into this clash and wanted revenge for the attack from his rival last week.

The two men slugged it out with some great moves and reversals. However, it seemed that Murphy had Black’s number after hitting his finisher.

However, Black’s foot was on the ropes and Murphy wanted to hit another Murphy’s Law. It was difficult for him to get Black up and he taunted the former NXT champion too.

Black was able to duck another Murphy’s Law before hitting the Black Mass twice.

Black beats Murphy

Grade A

This was the third great match between the pair in the last few weeks and it kept the fans on their feet.

There should be more to come from the pair and Murphy did have one big moment later on in the night.

Rowan does his thing again

It seems WWE don’t know what to do next with Erick Rowan.

Rowan easily beat his opponent and was going to reveal what was in his cage. But his pet bit him and that saw his opponent eat another Iron Claw

Rowan beats local talent

Grade E

Nothing to say about this, its getting boring and tedious.

First Fist Fight

WWE advertised their first Fist Fight with Seth Rollins and AOP taking on the Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.

This had a crazy start with all six men having a shot at each other. Show was the game changer here and seemed set to destroy Rollins.

The Architect begged Murphy, who was still at ringside after the loss to Black, for help.

The Australian was in shock after his loss and later came in to deliver a low blow to Show. Rollins and Murphy put Show through a table, and the new faction was declared as the winners.

AOP, Rollins and Murphy beat Owens, Show and Joe

Grade A

A simple fight with no real rules and a twist in the end. This was a great way to end Raw and sending Murphy to Rollins’ faction is a great move.

The Australian looked shocked at his loss in this night and this was the perfect way for him to take out any frustration.

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It will be interesting to see who could stop Rollins’ ever-growing faction.

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