WWE Raw Results and Grades: This week’s Raw had a huge match with the WWE title on the line.

Drew McIntyre was looking to recapture his title while Randy Orton wanted to keep it and head off to Survivor Series and face Roman Reigns.

Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton clashed on this week's show
Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton clashed on this week’s show (WWE)

The Miz was also waiting to see if he could cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. However, we start off this week’s WWE Raw Results and grades piece with McIntyre taking the stage.

McIntyre calls out Reigns

McIntyre and Reigns met up last week on SmackDown and the Scot called the Big Dog out. Orton them appeared on the big screen and added that he wasn’t going to lose.

The Miz and John Morrison then appeared and said they would try to get the title but also made fun of Bray Wyatt, for no reason.

Grade C

This wasn’t the best opening for Raw as everything seemed muddled up. The Miz and Wyatt do have history but they didn’t need to bring it up in all this.

Six-woman tag action

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler teamed up with Lana and took on Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose and Asuka in a tag match.

Jax and Baszler first injured Rose with the steel steps. Lana then seemed ready to get the win but Asuka got her to tap out.

Jax faked respect for Lana but sent her through the table. Reckoning from Retribution then attacked Brooke and injured her when she was giving an interview.

Asuka, Brooke and Rose win

Grade C

Lana getting sent through a table is expected now, so nothing much to say on that. However, WWE injuring two members of the Raw Survivor Series team is interesting, especially given that the event is almost here.

Raw Tag titles on the line

The New Day defended their tag titles against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander of the Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business had the chance to get the title and represent Raw at Survivor Series. However, it were the champs that kept the title.

Prior to all this, Wyatt challenged the Miz to a match. Nikki Cross was still searching for Alexa Bliss and Jeff Hardy took offence to some fliers from Elias.

New Day beat Hurt Business

Grade B

This was the first good segment of the show and it was a decent enough outing for all four men.

Sending the New Day to face The Street Profits is a good move but the Business did well to show that they could be champions in the future.

Raw vs Retribution

AJ Styles was on commentary as the other members of the Raw Survivor Series men’s team took on Retribution.

Problems continued to arise in between the Raw members and it was Mustafa Ali who got the win.

Retribution beat Team Raw

Grade C

This was another failed moment for this week’s Raw with the match not clicking. The problems with the Raw members was the talking point but that is about it.

Wyatt vs The Miz

Miz tried to get Wyatt on his side and claimed they could work together for the main event.

However, Wyatt wasn’t interested in all this and it was Bliss who came out and said that. Wyatt got the win in the end, and he showed concern for Bliss who took John Morrison over the barricade.

Bliss and Wyatt then walked hand in hand before The Fiend’s music hit the arena and he came on the titantron.

Wyatt beats Miz

Grade B

The storytelling in this was great as Wyatt and Bliss seem to be in a relationship of sorts. Morrison was also great in his comic role while Cross was also slapped and attacked by Bliss as she refused to reunite with her friend.

McIntyre vs Orton

Adam Pearce made his way backstage and confirmed that Brooke and Rose were out of Survivor Series. The pair would be replaced by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce.

Asuka also sent a warning to Sasha Banks ahead of Survivor Series and then it was the main event of the evening.

McIntyre was wearing a kilt, something that Sheamus handed to him before the clash, in a way to get back to his roots.

Orton and McIntyre clashed but the champ tried to leave the match. Pearce came out and made this a No DQ match which got McIntyre going again.

McIntyre was able to finally get the win after some near falls, and got his WWE title back. He now faces Reigns and sent a warning to the Big Dog by asking for a place in the dinner table.

McIntyre beats Orton

Grade A

McIntyre winning the title was great, especially with Survivor Series round the corner. He did have a connection with Reigns and it will be interesting to see what happens on Friday on SmackDown.

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