Tommy Dreamer a huge fan of Reginald and shares his grand plans for Carmella’s Sommelier


Carmella’s sommelier Reginald is making waves on WWE recently

WWE superstar Carmella started appearing in the ring alongside a sommelier in the past couple of months.

His name was initially not known, but the promotion revealed at TLC 2020 that it was ‘Reginald Thomas’.

Ever since then, he played a major role in Carmella’s feud with WWE SmackDown women’s champion Sasha Banks.

In fact, he even featured in WWE’s first intergender match since 2017 when he took on ‘The Legit Boss’ to earn Carmella another shot at the title.

Reginald in action against Sasha Banks. (WWE)
Carmella’s sommelier, Reginald, in action against Sasha Banks at TLC 2020. (WWE)

He lost, however, but that match SmackDown made his name enter the wrestling mainstream. His exploits on the show has seen him impress one former WWE wrestler.

Speaking on this week’s episode of the Busted Open podcast, Tommy Dreamer revealed his love for Carmella’s sommelier.

Dreamer thinks that Reginald can do much more than waiting wine on the show, and should be put on 205 Live to liven up that show.

“Carmella has stepped up. I love [Reginald], is he the valet? he is awesome. I put him on 205 Live to try to spark that.

Tommy Dreamer wants Reginald to be more than just a sommelier

205 Live, is, of course, the show that features cruiserweights from 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK. The weight class is capped at 205 lbs, a criteria which Reginald would have no problem meeting.

He has shown his skills inside the ring as well. Moreover, he is a former Cirque du Soleil performer, so he is guaranteed to be one agile performer.

205 Live airs just after SmackDown and is in its budding phase, despite being aired more than 4 years ago on the WWE Network.

Reginald in action against Sasha Banks. (WWE)
Reginald in action against Sasha Banks. (WWE)

Dreamer is perhaps right to suggest that the show could use some mainstream names from the main roster to take a step up from where they are currently.

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