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T-Bar and Sammy Guevara slug it out after ‘new’ finisher is debuted on WWE RAW

Ricochet was against defeated on Raw
Ricochet lost to T-Bar on Raw (WWE)

T-Bar accuses Sammy Guevara of stealing his finisher in a deleted tweet

WWE RAW superstar T-Bar, whose real name is Christopher Dijak, called out AEW star Sammy Guevara for stealing the RETRIBUTION member’s finisher.

In his original tweet, which is now deleted, he called Guevara some ‘teenage virgin’. As you can see, T-Bar did not mention any names in his post.

“Some little teenage virgin on AEW stole my finisher like four years ago after we did a show together. I’d steal something from his move set but it’s all just @KingRicochet moves.”

T-Bar calls out Sammy Guevara on Twitter. (Image Credits: @TBARRetribution on Twitter)
T-Bar calls out Sammy Guevara on Twitter. (Image Credits: @TBARRetribution on Twitter)

T-Bar had sort of debuted a new finisher on Raw which was renamed as ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

However, it didn’t take long for fans to find out that he was talking about Sammy Guevara. The finisher that T-Bar is talking about here is his famous move ‘Feast Your Eyes’.

As you can see in this video, Sammy Guevara’s Burning Hammer GTS is not too different from it.

Sammy Guevara hits back at T-Bar

Guevara then understood that it was him that T-Bar was referencing, and he threw some shade of his own. The 27-year-old said that Dijak himself copied his finisher from Matt Demorest, to whom the move originally belongs.

Fellow AEW star Dax Harwood replied to Guevara, further mocking T-Bar. He laughed at how the WWE star is claiming that the finisher is his’ and that he is ‘lucky to even be in the business’.

It is probably referencing to T-Bar’s gimmick as a member of the stable RETRIBUTION, which has not done too well since its inception.

AEW and WWE fans have no shortage of things to argue about amongst each other, and this confrontation between the two stars is sure to keep them talking in the coming weeks.

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