RVD confirms if he gave Ryback permission to use his WWE attire in ring


RVD says he was aware of Ryback using a similar attire to his

Former WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam gained fame for his wrestling inside the ring, but became an icon for his wrestling persona, which included his famous attire.

RVD famously wore a ‘five-star’ singlet in all his matches. He famously left WWE in 2007 after a physically brutal encounter with Randy Orton. Van Dam stated that he was burnt out and needed some time away.

The Whole Dam Show did make a brief return to the promotion in 2013, but that lasted for just around one year. Before that, however, his wrestling attire made a comeback on WWE.

Ryback and RVD wearing in their single attire in a WWE match. (WWE)
Ryback and RVD wearing in their single attire in a WWE match. (WWE)

Former WWE wrestler Ryback (AKA Ryback Allen Reeves), made his on-screen debut for NXT in 2010. Since then, he went on to don the famous singled that RVD used to wear.

Of course, the pattern on the cloth was different in almost every match, but it was impossible to ignore how similar it was to Rob Van Dan’s wrestling gear.

And with RVD having troubles with WWE on various occassions, fans speculated if the attire was stolen from him without permission.

Attire, problems with WWE.. Ryback and RVD have a few things in common

RVD has quashed those rumours as he revealed his stance on the matter on his Twitter account. A fan asked him that he had heard of RVD being ‘cool’ with Ryback over having the same gear.

The former ECW and TNA icon responded by saying that he gave his permission to Ryback for using it.

Ryback was released from WWE in 2016, and has since been involved in various disputes with the promotion. Most notably, he is in a legal battle with WWE over trademark of his name.

He also stated on his Twitter account that WWE did not compensate him for a botched ankle injury. And, that the promotion did not let him explore expensive deals outside WWE when the opportunities arose.

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