Ricochet wants to fight rising NXT tag team before possibility of joining forces


MSK made an impressive debut on WWE NXT last week

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic had a team named ‘MSK‘ on the list of participants. Their identity was only known when they came out on last week’s WWE NXT for the last of the 3 tag team matches scheduled for the day.

MSK turned out to be a rebranded edition of Rascalz, which featured on Impact Wrestling.

The tag team includes Desmond Everheart Aiken and Zachary Green. During their time as Rascalz at Impact Wrestling, Aiken was called Dezmond Xavier and Green went by the name Zachary Wentz.

As a part of MSK, Aiken is now called Wes Lee, and Green goes by Nash Carter. The duo faced Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Jake Atlas on their debut.

They were dominant in the first round of the Dusty Classic as they went on to secure an impressive win. Atlas and Scott were great opponents for Carter and Lee as they matched their athleticism.

Ricochet wants to fight WWE NXT tag team MSK.
MSK in action on WWE NXT last week. (WWE)

However, the debutants stole the show with some amazing tag-team moves and a display of thrilling athleticism. And recently, a fan suggested that the team should now have a third member in WWE RAW star Ricochet.

Can MSK be a trio on WWE NXT?

As a part of Rascalz, Lee and Carter did have a third member. Trey Miguel left Impact Wrestling with the duo but is yet to be signed by any promotion. So, the inclusion of someone like Ricochet isn’t too preposterous.

Ricochet replied the suggestion that while he is not completely against the idea of joining the new boys on the block, he’d prefer facing them in the ring first.

Seeing a third member in MSK would be pretty good and it could even go on to become the Gold Brand’s very own New Day. However, it remains to be seen if WWE have plans to make this tag team a trio again, like they were at Impact Wrestling.

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