Nikki Cross tried to save her friend, Alexa Bliss, but got slapped for all her efforts

Alexa Bliss seems to be in the control of The Fiend and Nikki Cross got a taste of that.

The Scot tried to get Bliss back on track and leave The Fiend on this week’s WWE Raw. Bliss was targeted by The Fiend on SmackDown and later on joined his gang. She was out before Bray Wyatt’s match against The Miz and things got out of hand.

Alexa Bliss has teamed up with the Fiend in recent weeks
Alexa Bliss with Randy Orton on Raw (WWE)

Bliss isn’t who she used to be and her best friend, Cross, tried to snap her out of it. She warned that The Fiend will destroy her and wasn’t good for the Goddess. However, Bliss rejected all this and went on to slap Cross.

The officials have to pull the pair apart and Bliss’ demeanour changed as soon as Wyatt made his way to the ring. She started celebrating seeing Wyatt and Cross was left to contemplate what had happened.

Cross posted a simple line regarding the slap from Bliss and seemed to lay the blame on her:

Cross had been trying to get to Bliss for weeks, but this seems to be the last attempt from her, at least for now.

Blissful Bliss

The Goddess, for her part, enjoyed watching Wyatt take on The Miz. She even went berserk and took John Morrison over the barricade which led to a lot of concern from Wyatt.

The pair, however, walked hand in hand after Wyatt’s win but things took another turn with The Fiend featuring on the Titantron.

Alexa Bliss has teased becoming Sister Abigail in the past
Alexa Bliss in action on Raw (WWE)

Bliss and Wyatt seem to be going great as a couple and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

Bliss has been rejuvenated in this role and there could be more transformations coming her way soon.

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