Mustafa Ali is looking to add another star to his Retribution faction

Mustafa Ali has Ricochet in his sight as he seeks to add another WWE member to his Retribution faction.

Ricochet and Ali have been in the wars on Raw and it seems that the Retribution leader has offered a spot in his faction to the high flyer.

Mustafa Ali and Ricochet clashed on Raw
Mustafa Ali and Ricochet clashed on Raw (WWE)

Things have been tough for Ricochet in recent weeks though. He was hounded by The Hurt Business to join them but defeated Cedric Alexander to end their interest.

However, Retribution have him in their sights and Ali posted a photo of him opening his arms and welcoming the former championship contender into the faction.

Ali has been incredible as the Retribution leader and it will be interesting to see what Ricochet does ahead of this week’s Raw.

He has tried to stay away from any faction and remain a singles star, but Retribution seem to be following him extensively.

Right move to join Retribution?

Ricochet has been in the doldrums since his loss to Brock Lesnar for the WWE title. He was defeated with ease by the Beast but things looked to be improving after he teamed up with Alexander and Crews on Raw.

However, Crews was drafted to SmackDown while Alexander became the newest member of the Business.

Lesnar Ricochet
Brock Lesnar destroyed Ricochet at Super Showdown 2020 (WWE)

Joining a faction such as Retribution could see Ricochet get a lot of time on TV and also have the backing of a group.

However, it is likely that Ricochet would have to wear a mask once he joins the faction. Only Ali is the one who doesn’t while the rest of the members have to and also possibly take up a new name.

Retribution seems to be a reset for many characters, and it will be interesting to see how things develop between the two.

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