Drew McIntyre won the WWE title back from Randy Orton with The Miz holding the Money in the Bank briefcase

Drew McIntyre reached the top of the WWE summit by defeating Randy Orton and winning the title on Raw.

The Miz also had some stakes in this battle as he had the Money in the Bank briefcase. In fact, the former WWE Champion also warned McIntyre before the show that he could cash it in after the Scot’s battle.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton was the main even on this week's WWE Raw
Drew McIntyre clashed against Randy Orton on Raw (WWE)

While nothing of that sort happened, the Miz ended up battling Bray Wyatt and was beaten thanks to a distraction from Alexa Bliss.

McIntyre and Orton put on quite a show as they went punch for punch in the main event. It was the Scot who got the win and celebrated wildly. He also booked his place at Survivor Series where he takes on the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Miz hands a warning

Having the Money in the Bank briefcase allows The Miz to challenge either top WWE champion whenever he wants.

He could do that after Survivor Series when both the champs are tried, and most of those with the case have gone on to win the title.

The Miz didn’t know what to make of McIntyre winning but served a warning to the Scot:

“I don’t know whether to congratulate or feel sorry for @DMcIntyreWWE for winning the @wwe Championship last night. One thing is for sure I do love a good game of hot potato especially when the potato is a WWE Title and I have the key to winning the game. #MITB”

It will be interesting to see what is up with the Miz and when he can cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Miz is one of the smartest WWE stars in the business and he could become the next champion on either brand.

The Miz and John Morrison
The Miz is now the holder of the MITB (Twitter)

However, McIntyre and Reigns are two top champions at the moment and they could foil any plans that the Miz has for Survivor Series.

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