Mia Yim went through a ladder a while back on NXT and wasn’t pleased with some comments made regarding that

Mia Yim has gone through a lot during her WWE NXT career and has also featured in some of the biggest matches on the promotion.

While she has never won the NXT title, she has a couple of huge matches to highlight. One has to be her battle against current NXT champion Io Shirai.

Mia Yim and Candice LeRae continued their rivalry
The Great American Bash Day 2 started with Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae (WWE)

The pair really did a number of each other and there was one spot that a lot of people have spoken about. Yim was on top of a ladder and was pushed off it into another one. That ladder broke in half and Yim was writhing in pain afterwards.

A lot of people have spoken about her toughness and one fan suggested that the ladder was made of wood. The fan still backed Yim for going through it and claimed that this spot would have hurt.

The Head Baddie in Charge wasn’t taking this lightly and hit out claiming that it wasn’t a wood ladder at all:

The fan then tried to backtrack and apologised but still believed that the ladders have wood in them.

Yim doing her bit on Raw

While jumping off ladders is always risky and even if the landing ladder is gimmicked, there is a great chance of picking up a serious injury.

Yim is one of the toughest athletes on the roster and is now on Raw. She is a member of the Retribution faction, and has been doing well in her new role.

WWE have signed Retribution recently and Mia Yim or Reckoning was revealed as one of the members
Retribution revealed their identities recently (WWE)

NXT has had some great ladder matches over the years and Yim vs Shirai will go down as one. The HBIC got a well-deserved call-up to the main roster, and it will be interesting to see what is next for her on Raw.

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