Former WWE star Rusev shares hilarious response on how he got fired


Rusev was released from WWE recently and has taken that in his stride

Former WWE star Rusev hasn’t lost his sense of humour despite being released by the company recently.

The Bulgarian Brute was involved in a dividing storyline regarding his real-life wife, Lana, and Bobby Lashley.

Rusev and Lana WWE Raw Prevoiew
Rusev and Lana at a WWE show (Image credit: WWE)

Lana split up with Rusev on Raw before marrying Lashley, but that story featured a lot of questionable segments.

There was an angle of infidelity and Lana faking her pregnancy. Also, the angle was ended with Liv Morgan coming out and claiming she loved Lana too.

Lashley and Rusev also fought a lot before the Bulgarian was released. One fan tweeted to Rusev on how the release happened, and the Bulgarian Brute posted a funny response.

The fan asked: “Yo Rusev come on man how u get fired”.

Rusev Lana Lashley Morgan Royal Rumble
Rusev beats down Bobby Lashley on Raw (Image credit: WWE)

While Rusev posted this short but hilarious reply:

“By receiving a text to call the office”

Rusev never got a real chance in WWE

While the Bulgarian had a huge rivalry with John Cena and even featured in WrestleMania, it never felt like WWE was backing him properly.

Rusev is a former United States Champion and even after the advent of Rusev Day, WWE was still slow in pushing the star.

When they did decide to bring him into the limelight, it was with this crazy Lana angle which didn’t really cut the mustard.

Rusev in action during a WWE match (Getty)

Rusev being released was one of the big shocks. He is an excellent professional and has always put up quality performances.

The release hasn’t dampened his spirits as he posted a photo just after the news. Rusev suggested that all is fine and things will be OK. It will be interesting to see what his next step is though. Once his no-compete clause is over, there will be several promotions keen on signing him.

TNA, Impact and AEW are the three major brands that could move for him. However, there haven’t been a lot of feelers regarding this move yet.

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