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What is the story behind Velveteen Dream and his leaked pictures on social media?

The Velveteen Dream has been accused of sending inappropriate photos to minors

Velveteen Dream has been accused of sharing nude pictures to minors online

WWE star Velveteen Dream was caught in a huge storm last night as he was accused by some fans of sharing explicit photos on social media.

The NXT star isn’t someone who does a lot of social media, however, he did say his DM’s were open on his Instagram stories.

That is something to cause alarm and one user on Redditt confirmed that certain inappropriate things were being said to him.

Velveteen Dream opened this week's NXT
Velveteen Dream is one of the top stars on NXT (WWE)

The user also though that this could be the work of a hacker, but he didn’t know what to do about all this:

“I’d like to think it’s a hacker but I don’t know. How do I begin to approach this? How do I contact WWE? I have proof.”

The user also said that his friends had received messages of sexual nature, was asked to actually send the Dream nude pictures also.

“He blocked me on Instagram after I wouldn’t send him an uncensored n*de pic back. I’m really worried about all this. Does anyone have legal advice or whatnot? I’m thinking of deleting this all and getting it to [the] police instead. I’m 17, my friends are 15 and 16.”

There was more to come for Dream as the conversations seem to have been deleted but some screen shots of what was sent still remain.

These are some serious allegations against the Dream, who is one of top young wrestlers in the business.

What does the Dream have to say about this?

Velveteen did come out with a statement regarding the allegations. He was working with some third parties before adding that he didn’t send any explicit photos of his.

Dream also said a private photo of his was shared but all that was done without his knowledge.

Hacking someone’s social media accounts is a crime, and this has happened to several stars over the years.

The Velveteen Dream wants to win the NXT title from Adam Cole
Velveteen Dream comes out to face Bobby Fish (WWE)

Hopefully, the culprits are caught and Dream can fully concentrate on wrestling and nothing else.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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