Drew McIntyre shares who Shaquille O’Neil’s favourite wrestler is after appearing on Shaq Bowl


Drew McIntyre and The Miz made an appearance on Shaq Bowl before Tampa Bay Buccaneers cruised to Super Bowl win

This weekend saw Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the second Super Bowl in their history as Tom Brady got his hands on the the ring of his career.

The fireworks started before the show, however, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal hosted the pre-event talk show.

He also had a couple of WWE superstars for company. Drew McIntyre, who resides in Tampa, Florida, was at the event to inspire his team to victory.

Drew McIntyre is the WWE champion. (Image Credits: @DMcIntyreWWE on Twitter)
Drew McIntyre is the WWE champion. (Image Credits: @DMcIntyreWWE on Twitter)

He was joined by former WWE Champion The Miz, and it seemed like they had a great time. The Chosen One posted a series of photos with the guests on Shaq Bowl.

He also revealed who O’Neal’s favourite WWE wrestler is, after he took a sly dig at The Miz.

“Hell of a day at the #ShaqBowl. We let @MikeTheMiz take pictures with us to know what winning feels like P.S- @Shaq told me I’m his favorite wrestler & how nice it was of me to let a fan get in on our picture GO BUCS! #SuperBowl

Drew McIntyre says that he is O’Neal’s favourite wrestler

Now, he may have been making a tongue-in-cheek comment when he said that O’Neal was grateful to be pictured with the WWE stars as a ‘fan’.

But, it won’t be surprising that McIntyre is O’Neal’s favourite wrestler. After all, Shaq knows his wrestling.

He is a wrestling fan since childhood and has made some iconic appearances on the promotion. From accompanying Hulk Hogan to the ring in 1994, to squaring off with Big Show in 2016, he has done it all.

He was even primed to fight at WrestleMania 33. That fight, however, did not go through for monetary reasons.

Nevertheless, it is good to see the Los Angeles Lakers legend stay in touch with the promotion. Maybe, just maybe, we can see him on WWE again in the future.

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