‘A Chosen Destiny’ – Drew McIntyre excited as his book is set to hit stores in 2021


Drew McIntyre has his own book coming out later this year

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre announced this week that his book, ‘A Chosen Destiny’, will be coming out in 2021.

The title of the book is undoubtedly inspired by his own nickname. ‘The Chosen One’. The Scotsman took to his Twitter account to make the announcement.

He posted a video holding a copy of the book and revealed his happiness at the book’s announcement.

“I am thrilled, excited, can’t quite find the word to verbalize how I feel of the book. ‘My Chosen Destiny: Drew McIntyre story’. It’s going to be out in April in the UK, May in the US, and it’s everything about my life.”

He then gave an insight into what the book is all about.

“It’s for wrestling fans, it’s for non-wrestling fans. It’s a story of a kid with a dream, making it to WWE and getting knocked down a whole bunch of times on the way there. It has got a happy ending I’ll tell you that much, but check it out, I think you might be inspired.”

Drew McIntyre is coming out with his book later this year. (WWE)
Drew McIntyre is coming out with his book later this year. (WWE)

Drew McIntyre is the new face of WWE’s current generation

The book is scheduled to release in the UK on 22nd April 2021. It hits the US stores on 4th May 2021, and is already available for pre-ordering.

The cover of the book has him holding the WWE Championship, a belt that he has worked so hard to win and defend.

He recently faced his toughest test with the belt so far when he tested positive for Covid-19 in early January. He came out strong and despite the odds, was still the WWE champion at the end of Royal Rumble 2021.

Drew McIntyre is the WWE champion after Royal Rumble 2021.
Drew McIntyre is the WWE champion. (WWE)

Moreover, he received a legendary push on the promotion at the end of his title fight against Goldberg at the Rumble, where the WWE Hall of Famer apparently ‘passed him the torch’.

However, it is to be seen who his rival for WrestleMania is. Edge won the Royal Rumble and sent a warning to McIntyre on Raw.

But it was Sheamus who got the headlines as he kicked his best friend and wanted a shot at the WWE title.

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