Bully Ray highlights how darker Alexa Bliss storyline is detrimental to one WWE Champion


Alexa Bliss faced off Asuka on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW

WWE RAW women’s champion Asuka faced off Alexa Bliss this week for the title. As expected, Bliss was switching on and off between her “darker” side and her “goddess” side.

Bliss was actually really impressive, especially during the last phase of the fight. She had the Japanese in position to land the Sister Abigail and win the match.

However, Randy Orton showed up to spoil her plans. He hit Bliss with an RKO the moment she turned around.

Bliss failed to get the title, Asuka got to keep her belt, and The Viper got his revenge for the fireball attack on him a couple of weeks ago.

Alexa Bliss is making Asuka look weak

Nevertheless, former WWE wrestler Bully Ray was unimpressed by how the storyline progressed this week.

Asuka and Alexa Bliss are in a rivalry on WWE RAW. (WWE)
Asuka and Alexa Bliss are in a rivalry on WWE RAW. (WWE)

Talking on the latest episode of the Busted Open podcast, he stated that this storyline is not good for one star in particular; Asuka. Agreeing with Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray mentions why Asuka is being used next to Bliss.

“Asuka is being the sacrificial lamb to make Alexa look extremely strong. Because if Alexa can block all of Asuka’s punches and kicks, it adds credibility to how impervious to pain Alexa’s character is when she’s possessed by The Fiend.”

And, Ray adds that this is making the Japanese look bad.

“I believe Asuka looks weak when this stuff goes on. It hurts the other entertainer. I would much prefer to see it with somebody else.”

Alexa Bliss and Asuka fought for the WWE RAW women's title this week. (WWE)
Alexa Bliss and Asuka fought for the WWE RAW women’s title this week. (WWE)

He then adds that it is understandable why it’s happening. Wrestling, according to him, has become a weekly entertainment where storylines are made up for just one week and people are supposed to forget it after that.

Ray and LaGreca are not wrong in their analysis. It is about raking in views and WWE is just doing what they think can help their establish their goals in the quickest possible way.

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