Matt Riddle had shared a list of names for his Survivor Series teammates but Braun Strowman also got into the act

The WWE Raw Survivor Series teams have a lot of problems currently with the men and women bickering.

Lana has been a problem for the women’s side with Nia Jax sending her through a table several times.

Aj Styles, Keith Lee and Sheamus are on the Raw team
AJ Styles, Keith Lee and Sheamus are on the Raw team (WWE)

The men’s side isn’t any better with AJ Styles acting as their leader and the rest of them fighting it out. Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Sheamus and Braun Strowman are the other members of the team, and they have been wrestling each other in some weird way to get onto the same page.

There was a huge tag team match held recently on Raw and prior to all of that Matt Riddle named each of his teammates.

The Original Bro had some hilarious names out there, especially for Sheamus:

However, Strowman didn’t get the best name and now he has fired back.


The Monster among men did get his hands on Riddle during one of the matches and nicknamed him ‘Dopey’.

Dopey was one of the seven dwarfs in the Snow White tale, and he seems to be enjoying calling Riddle by that name.

Strowman also enjoyed tossing Riddle across the ring and there will be more problems between the five Raw members in the coming weeks.

SmackDown, for their part, seem to have it better with their men and women teaming up quite well. However, that is far from the case on Raw and Styles has a tough job on his hands to get his house in order.

He might be the most experienced wrestler there but he seems to be playing mind games too. Styles was the referee in last week’s clash and got hit a couple of times as well.

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