La Parka wrestled in Lucha Libre AAA and recently passed away

The world of wrestling lost one of its biggest stars as La Parka (Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza) passed away on 11 January 2020.

Not to be confused with the other La Parka that featured in WCW, Escoboza trademarked the named and the WCW star then changed his to L.A. Park.

Lucha Libre AAA shared the news of his passing away on Twitter:

Many fans and wrestlers paid their respect to La Parka and his injury was caused due to a botched move.

La Parka’s final fight

The 54-year-old was fighting at a Koaz show on 21 October 2019 and on Friday, the wrestler showed signs of kidney failure and had to be put on assisted breathing, according to CNN.

The following day, his kidneys and lungs failed, and the wrestler passed away.

La Parka death
La Parka was one of the top stars at Lucha Libre AAA (Image credit: Yahoo Sports)

Escoboza wrestled for more than 20 years and won several titles during his career.

His last fight was against Rush and he dove outside the ring. However, La Parka missed his opponent and went crashing into the steel barrier and concrete floor.

The impact seemed to have knocked him out and he was rushed to a nearby hospital to be looked at. Unfortunately, the 54-year-old was unable to recover from his injuries.

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The wrestler had appeared on other promotions such as Impact but will always be remembered for his incredible run at Lucha Libre AAA.

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