Warframe Leap of the Lotus 2024 Has Epic Rewards!


Warframe Leap of the Lotus is here and there are a lot of goodies and greatness for players to obtain and rock their closet.

Warframe Easter Event is celebrating the game with a wild variety of bonuses and other stuff for gamers to enjoy. Recently Warframe event with a lot of cosmetics so they wanna roll when they released a new Easter themed Warframe Leap of the Lotus update.

For people wondering if Warframe is still relevant in the year 2024, the answer is absolutely yes. This game is one of the most consistent free to play titles that has been introduced in the previous generation of gaming and constant updates kept the game from getting stale at any point.

Warframe Leap of the Lotus
Warframe Leap of the Lotus Cover

Warframe Leap of the Lotus- The Loot and Rewards

Getting into the loot that this game is offering during the Easter season get ready to experience typical Easter themed items such as Warframe Bunny ears and Easter eggs. That is also a Warframe of the Lotus spring basket blitz event later in this update. The table below shows the rewards players can obtain and also the alerts to keep them updated about the upcoming events.

AlertTime ScheduleEvents and Rewards Details
1April 3rd 2PM- April 8th 2PM ETExterminate
E-Prime, Earth Enemy Level: 30-35
Orokin Catalyst Blueprint + 50,000 Credits
2April 10th 2PM- April 15th 2PM ETExcavation
Everest, Earth
Enemy Level 40-45
Waves: 3
Orokin Reactor Blueprint + 50,000 Credits
01 The Lotus
Warframe Leap of the Lotus Screenshot

Warframe Leap of the Lotus- Lotus’ Spring Basket Blitz Contest

As mentioned earlier there’s a spring basket blitz contest and people can handcraft Easter themed items for extra special goodies on your favorite Warframe cosmetics these are one of the most exclusive themed cosmetics that players can obtain. To enter the contest players need to share a Warframe themed Easter basket on the forums between today and April 10th. The winners will be announced on the 11th of April at 6:00 PM eastern Standard Time on twitch. The prizes will be distributed according to the below table.

1st PlaceGauss Prime Access + Ostarus Headgear
2nd Place1000 Platimun+ Ostarus Headgear
3rd Place750 Platinum + Ostarus Headgear
4th Place600 Platinum + Ostarus Headgear
5th Place500 Platinum+ Ostarus Headgear
6th – 10th Place100 Platinum + Ostarus Headgear

As a bonus there are a bunch of Warframe Free Cosmetics and Warframe Double Credits Weekend will be back soon too. Make sure to collect all these rewards before they expire.

Warframe Leap of the Lotus Gameplay

The Warframe Anniversary awards are here. Read more about it here.

What genre is Warframe?

Warframe is a 3rd person looter shooter released for the multiple platforms such as Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows.

When was Warframe released?

Warframe was 1st released in March of 2013 for the Windows.

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