Warframe Dante Unbound Update Offers the Perfect Entry Point


Warframe Dante Unbound is one of the biggest updates in Warframe and is a mainline update.

Warframe is back with its latest update and it’s bigger than ever. 11 years after its release, Warframe is still a great game that is relevant to players without getting stale.

The game has been celebrating its 11th anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than to release the Warframe Dante Unbound content? It was announced earlier this week that the Warframe Dante Unbound would be released and has tons of content for players to experience. Let us break down the Warframe Dante Unbound event and see what players have in store.

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Warframe Cover

Warframe Dante Unbound- Overview

As there is a lot to go through in this update, let us break down the contents and focus on Warframe Dante Unbound and how it might play in the game. As mentioned, the newest Warframe is Dante and the new Incarnon Weapons are the Onos and Ruvox.

There is some quality of life changes in the New Deimos Node and a new enemy called the Gruzzling. Some other updates include the Styanax Tonatiuh Collection, Tennoogen Unbound and Omnia Void Fissures. There is also a new in-game market and an Archon Shard Expansion called the Ascent Fusion. A bunch of Warframe Augment Mods have been added as well as some other Warframe Ability changes.

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These changes include the Inaros Rework, Mirage Eclipse and Prism changes etc. Changes to Gara Passive, Nourish Helminth, Loki and Yareli Abilities and deep customization for Warframe with Invisibility abilities.

There are a bunch of Steel Path editions such as Zariman and Cavia Bounties and Zariman and Albrecht’s Laboratories. A bunch of player path improvements, melee attack upgrades, and quality of life updates have been added. As usual with every update, few general changes, optimizations, and general fixes in this update.

Warframe Dante Unbound- Dante Breakdown

First and foremost, Warframe Dante Unbound can be acquired by getting Dante Blueprints from the Disruption Deimos Mode. Another method to obtain Dante is from the Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica. Last but not least, the simplest and most expensive method to obtain Dante is the in-game market. As a part of Dante’s release, the maximum loadout slot has increased from 24 to 25.

Dante has 4 different abilities in his arsenal

Warframe Dante Unbound
Warframe Dante Unbound

Ability 1: Noctua

This ability is the primary attack for Dante and can be upgraded in the arsenal with the bonus of having a unique trait such as no restriction to the  Tome Mods

Ability 2: Light Verse

This ability helps Dante with his health and his allies health, thereby boosting it

Ability 3: Dark Verse

Slash Damage is being inflicted on enemies from Dante

Ability 4: Final Verse

Any of the other Verses should be composed to unleash this ability and depending on the verses, the effect of this ability keeps on changing.

Passive: Chronicler’s Mark

Enemies are scanned and status chance is increased by 50% on a  completely scanned target.

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The Warframe Anniversary awards are here. Read more about it here.

What genre is Warframe?

Warframe is a 3rd person looter shooter released for the multiple platforms such as Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows.

When was Warframe released?

Warframe was 1st released in March of 2013 for the Windows.

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