Unrailed is a fantastic game and can be frustrating if you do not play it the correct way. Therefore, to help you, we have the Unrailed guide with some of the best tips and tricks.

You and your friends work together to construct a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds and prevent it from derailing by mastering random encounters with the population. The only way you can stop your train from reaching the end is to gather resources and craft tracks. But watch out – there is only one of every type of tool available. Your team’s cooperation and coordination are crucial to completing this increasingly difficult voyage. 

A simple mistake that can be easily rectified is not paying attention to the objective during the early stages of the game. During the slow stages, it is important to maximize upgrades while the train is slow and stockpile for sudden upgrades. Looking at how this game can become difficult for you, we have put up the Unrailed Guide that has the best tips and tricks. With these tips and tricks, you will definitely improve your gameplay. 

Unrailed Gameplay
Unrailed Gameplay

Unrailed Guide: Placing Tracks

Make sure there is room on either side of the tracks so that you can walk through them when placing them. This will avoid the train from blocking your path and it will also help to avoid the usage of different tools and resources.

Often, it is easier to place tracks in areas with the least resistance. Go where your path is clear, instead of going straight through trees or rocks. This will give you more time to place many tracks, thus reducing your workload. This can only be avoided if you do not have enough material to build enough tracks for the possible detour, most of the time taking the train station route will be the most efficient route.

Unrailed Guide: Jobs

At first, multitasking and rotating people is easy, but as the train picks up speed and becomes longer and more difficult to manage, players will bump into each other, bottleneck one another, and nobody will pay attention to the path ahead until it is too late. It’s likely that poor planning is the leading cause of crashes. If each player had a designated task, there would be fewer collisions and less for each person to do. You can change jobs whenever you like, but try to maintain consistency at least until the next station.

It may be tedious and boring to work as a miner or woodcutter, but it is a very important job. It is your job to clear resources around the train so that restocking is easier and it can pass along a path. When working on the main path, it is preferred to clear it first as it allows access to other obstacles, such as rock behind a forest preventing track placement, water, which miner and woodcutter should be constantly on alert for or a clearing for better pathing. 

People mining a single deposit while disregarding the way ahead till the train is on the verge of colliding is a very serious issue. The player can dash to the ground to remove the tool, although it is toxic behavior. Nevertheless, ignoring the path ahead is better than picking up an axe/pickaxe and looking for a simple task.

Unrailed Guide: Dynamite Wagon

It can quickly clear a path or produce a large number of resources if players run low on resources after being supplied with one iron charge for 30 seconds. However, the range increases with every level. To quickly clear a path before the train starts moving, it is very useful to start each level with a charged dynamite. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that the dynamite range can be further extended. 

When the supercharger is activated, the dynamite becomes yellow (+1) and explodes violently. With two upgrades, it turns purple (+2), generally has a size that can kill a player that is fleeing, and clears a very wide area. Dynamite may turn purple (+3) and be made powerful enough to clear one-third of the entire screen with three upgrades, which are commonly two superchargers and a charged bucket. This frequently results in many players being killed. 

Players can use dynamite to place bombs to obtain bolts if they refuse to share the tool for whatever reason or are unable to leave their work to do so. 

Unrailed Gameplay
Unrailed Gameplay

Acknowledge the challenge

Every round should start with an acknowledgment of the challenge and an understanding of who is responsible for completing the challenge if necessary. You should recognize when a challenge is not worth it, such as Stack 40 commodities when you lack resources. Yes, it’s not ideal to skip challenges, but a better alternative is to risk crashing your trains. Keep an eye out for the bolt shown on the map throughout the round and be sure to get it before getting to the railway station.

Supercharger wagon is very useful

Players should have this wagon as it makes others more powerful such as crafting, dynamite, and collector, all to make life easier for them and to upgrade wagons first (for example, upgrading the water wagon when the train was on fire on the Halloween biome stopped the train from burning because it has been boosted a level. It’s like the ghost, boosting all of the important wagons in the middle, and a little reconfiguring can make the wagons a bit awkward but provide high rewards.

Max upgrade the default cards

Before progressing onto other biomes, check that you have upgraded your three primary carts (storage, water, and crafter) to their maximum level. The water upgrade is especially crucial before entering the desert biome. Only dynamite carts should be purchased as extras. Put each of these towards the back of the train and, if possible, upgrade to the highest level.

Go far in biomes

Each biome has unique obstacles and strategies, so knowing what to expect can save you time and headaches. It is recommended that you go as far as possible in each biome before moving on to the next one so that you can save bolts. By the end of the second one, your train should be fully equipped with wagons. A special bolt can also be found in each biome, usually found on the third station. This bolt grants two bolts, and all of them are required to complete the game.

Unrailed Gameplay
Unrailed Gameplay

What will you face in the first biome?

As you progress, you’ll come across bandits who steal materials and rivers that must be bridged over by placing wood over water when you see the bridge silhouette. If the wagon cools down, it can fill the bucket, making water less of a hassle and allowing bolts to be spent elsewhere rather than water initially. When it is dark outside and just the players and train engines are visible, it is impossible to see the road ahead on the screen.

Select your role carefully

All players should have different responsibilities. Decide what role you will take at the beginning of the game and stick to it.

  • The Pickaxe role allows you to mine rocks.
  • The crafting cart will be stocked with materials and the tracks will be laid by the Track role.
  • With the Axe role, you will cut trees.
  • The Bucket role will also keep the bucket full and keep an eye on the temperature of the train. You are in control of dynamite and also transport supplies near the railway.

Avoid being in the middle of the path

Laying tracks along the side of a path gives the train more space, and pushes it against a rock wall that people do not need to access. Avoid cutting through the path or laying tracks in the middle, and coordinate when necessary. Stay in the middle of the train if there are resources on both sides, but avoid adding additional effort when the route can be made simpler.

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