How to Unlock Little Prince Champion in Clash Royale?



Want to unlock Little Prince champion in Clash Royale? If yes, then check out our guide to find ways to unlock and utilize this new card.

The Clash Royale team has come up with a huge update ahead of the next season. The makers shared a massive announcement on the upcoming hero and it’s the new Little Prince. Little Prince will be the next champion that players can unlock in Clash Royale season 53. Little Prince will join an ensemble list of units and he will be a versatile unit. Little Prince is both a ground and air troop.

Little Prince, the future King of Clash of Royale is here. The Crossbowman will be a powerful ranged troop with high hitpoints and great damage stats. The biggest question is how much does Little Prince cost and how players can unlock him in the game. Here’s all you need to know about unlocking the Little Prince card in Clash Royale and more about this new hero.

How to Unlock Little Prince Champion in Clash Royale 

Unlock Little Prince Champion in Clash Royale 
Little Prince Champion

You don’t need to anything to unlock Little Prince Champion in Clash Royale as it is a free card! Once the champion is unleashed, you can get him for free. But before that you have to reach Arena 11. After meeting the requirements, you can explore the battle tab and click on his logo.

You can summon Little Prince for 3 Elixir along with his champion ability called Royal Rescue. This ability boosts his damage and hitpoints. You can complete some tasks after unlocking the champion. Playing these tasks unlocks new abilities and you will be able to master his skills. These battles will also let you analyze his playing style and know more about the mechanics.

Clash Royale Little Prince Stats, Playing Style & More

Little Prince

Little Prince, the skilful crossbowman is a ranged unit that can attack both air and ground troops. He has high hitpoints (700) and this can be doubled using his special skill. The Little Prince deals 110 ranged damage on average.

By unlocking the Royal Rescue ability, the champion’s damage will be increased to 200 and its hit points will be at 1800. You can inflict damage within a range of 6 tiles. Also, you can utilize its charge damage to unleash a heavy fire attack. 

Players can counter the Little Prince by deploying cards like Pekka, The Log, Musketeers, Baby Dragon and Zap. You can unlock his first card for free and then spend 3 elixir to deploy during battles.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking and using Little Prince in Clash Royale. New challenges and events for the Little Prince will be out soon. So, build a powerful deck along with this new ranged unit and dominate upcoming challenges.


Is Clash Royale Little Prince a Free Card?

Yes, Little Prince will be available as a free card in Clash Royale Season 53. This new champion is a ranged player with high hitpoints and good damage stats. Little Prince will attack both air and ground units.

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