(Watch) Brutal illegal knee in LFA fight leads to devastating Shawn West knockout


Boston Salmon was on the receiving end of a devastating illegal knee from Shawn West at LFA 84

Former UFC star Boston Salmon made his LFA debut against Shawn West and got the win thanks to an illegal knee from Shawn West.

This was a catchweight clash at LFA 84 and seemed to be going well. However, things took a turn for the worst in the final minute of the second round.

Boston Salmon fought in the UFC being joiing LFA
Boston Salmon fought in the UFC being joining LFA (ESPN)

Both stars connected with each other and were left dazed. West was able to recover and charged at Salmon but hit his grounded opponent with a knee strike right in his head.

This is an illegal move and even though West celebrated wildly, he was DQed from the clash. The damage could be seen as Salmon seemed to be completely out and this could have been a serious injury too.

The referee had to move quickly to stop the fight, and hopefully, Salmon isn’t out for too long. UFC Fight Pass shared the clip and this is certainly uncomfortable to see.

Salmon’s debut doesn’t go well

The 29-year-old American normally fights in the Lightweight division and now has a career record of seven wins and three losses.

He featured in two UFC fights in his career and lost both of them. Salmon, however, won his clash at Dana White’s contender series after he defeated Ricky Turcios.

Boston Salmon was on the end of a devastating illegal knee
Boston Salmon was knocked out cold after a devastating knee (Twitter)

The power that illegal knee had certainly is a reminder of why the UFC and other promotions have deemed it unsafe for use.

However, MMA is not for the faint-hearted and several moves are extremely dangerous and can lead to permanent damage.

Hopefully, Salmon is alright and he will be back in action soon after this huge hit.

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