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“Going to look like a fool” – Chael Sonnen rips into Jon Jones’ plans to get Mike Tyson into MMA

Chael Sonnen doesn't believe Jon Jones should be given a harsh punishment by the UFC after the gun and DWI arrest

Chael Sonnen shared his views on Jon Jones and Mike Tyson possibly fighting

UFC legend Chael Sonnen took a shot at Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his plans of fighting Mike Tyson.

This all came from Tyson claiming that if Jones wants to make big money, he needs to get into a boxing ring.

Jon Jones and Mike Tyson want to fight each other

Jones has been fighting with the UFC for better pay. He even wanted a huge amount to face Francis Ngannou in the heavyweight division.

However, the UFC and Jones were unable to finalise terms. Bones tweeted that he was ready to face Tyson in the ring if they also met in the Octagon, but Sonnen ripped into the UFC star:

“This has been done a million times to not just Mike Tyson but other boxers. Jon calls out Mike Tyson as long as Mike promises after they box, that he will then compete with Jon in MMA.

“So once again, Jon is going to look like a fool. Mike has said a million times he is not doing MMA.”

Sonnen highlighted that it was Tyson who called Jones out about making big money from the boxing circuit.

A different card setup

The UFC legend explained how the money in an MMA card is spread more evenly around as the top fights lead to money for the bottom guys.

However, boxing is different as the main event guys take most of the money while no one cares about the other fighters on the card.

Mike Tyson is now a regular on AEW
Mike Tyson came out to beat up Chris Jericho (AEW/ESPN)

“Mike openly said he’ll never do MMA, no boxer has ever been duped over into doing MMA as long as you box first.

“Everybody is trying it with Iron Mike, they are even trying to be creative by we’ll do it at the same time.

“We’ll box in the first round but then we go into MMA in the second round. It’s never worked. Any stupid way you want to do that it has never worked and Jones responded on the back of Mike Tyson saying ‘I am never doing MMA’ by brilliantly challenging Mike Tyson to, ding, ding, ding, MMA!”

Sonnen claimed that Jones now had “another self-inflicted wound” and this made him look not powerful.

The former UFC star also hit out at Jones’ claims that he would go easy on Tyson and not break anything.

That irked Sonnen a lot as Jones would be holding back against Tyson, and it would not make a lot of sense.

Jones also didn’t get any traction from Daniel Cormier regarding this fight. DC claimed this fight would go into the “garbage can” and he was not keen seeing Jones vs Tyson at all.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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