Paulo Costa has retaliated to Jake Paul’s comments following his UFC 278 victory against Luke Rockhold

Jake Paul wasn’t impressed by the co-main event between Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold at UFC 278. He labelled the fight a ‘glorified street fight’, and claimed that both fighters would be easy money for him. This did not sit well with Costa who had once called Paul his hero, mentor and idol.

UFC 278 bonus
Paulo Costa in action against Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold and Paulo Costa delivered one of the most exciting fights that earned him the ‘fight of the night’ bonus. The fight was packed with action right from the start. The fight began with Rockhold trying to take Costa down which unfortunately for him did not work out well. Costa reversed the position, and got him into an arm tie and landed nasty uppercuts from the position.

This wounded Rockhold’s nose pretty bad and he was forced to breathe from his mouth for the remaining fight. There were moments in the fight where it felt like Rockhold could not continue. A little push from his coaching team, and cheer from the crowd pushed the former middleweight champion to continue fighting.

The most bizarre moment came in the third round when Rockhold sprayed his blood on Costa’s face from top position. He even managed to land some big punches, but in the end, he was too spent and Costa capitalized on it to coast through a decision victory.

‘The Problem Child’ reacted to this fight on Twitter by saying, “Bruhhhh lol. Rockcock vs Paulo is embarrassing. This a glorified street fight. Both ez money. #UFC278”

Paulo Costa reacts to Jake Paul calling him an easy fight

Paulo Costa battled his heart out against Luke Rockhold at UFC 278, and these comments from Jake Paul put them in loggerheads.

Ahead of UFC 278, Costa claimed that he had come to a decision of fighting out his UFC contract. Costa has been openly vocal about fighter pay, and issues in the UFC. While he still has fights left on his contract, his mission towards finishing his contract begins with the fight against Luke Rockhold at UFC 278.

Reacting to Jake Paul’s comments, Costa wrote, “💰 💵 💰 I think same as you . Easy money for you . Go ahead 🙌 do it”

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