Tower of Fantasy Food Guide – How to Cook, Best Recipes, Ingredients, and more


Here is a quick guide to getting all the recipe, ingredients, how to cook in Tower of fantasy food.

Hotta Studios in China is currently working on Tower of Fantasy, an open-world action RPG. The game runs on Unreal Engine, and would surely look excellent even on outdated mobile phones and tablets.

The game challenges Genshin Impact and its biggest competitor in the new Mobile MMO Gacha genre. There seem to be a number of areas for travelers to explore, ranging from lush green fields to harsh tundras. While the landscape appears lovely, the planet is home to a number of dangerous enemies.

How to Cook

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How to Cook

No food guide can begin without knowing how cook. Cooking food in Tower of Fantasy is like a essential requirement in this game. Whenever you start exploring the land, you will use up energy and start getting hungry. This makes it one of the most important consumable in game. Needless to say, consuming food gives to a lot of effects.

Effects ranging from Health recovery, Increase damage, Elemental damage increase, Stamina, resistance, and fill stomach. Therefore Cooking just by adding the required ingredients and then check the success rate and press cooking.

How to get recipes

Cooking vendor | Mediareferee
NPC vendors

To cook recipes are not a must, but they do make your cooking experience more efficient. Here in this food guide for Tower of Fantasy you can buy recipe from NPC vendors. Moreover, Without recipes you need to use up a lot more ingredients and trials.

Types of Recipe

So, here is an overview of all the different types of food recipes and their effects in Tower of Fantasy.

  • HP Recovery – Foods that instantly restore HP or over a period of time.
  • Satiety Recovery – Removes Hunger debuff or normalize the character to enable self heal.
  • Endurance Boost – Recover stamina thereupon increasing your productivity.
  • Attack Boost – Increase Attack damage usually depends on element.
  • Resistance Boost – Increases damage block against certain elemental attacks.

Best Recipes

Cooking | Mediareferee
Using recipe to cook

Early game

  • Lettuce Salad (Lettuce x2, Dressing x1): Grants Heal 10% percentage immediately + 1500 HP and Regenerates 5 Satiety. Lettuce is a common ingredient and salad dressing can be bought from food vendor.
  • Steamed Couch (Lettuce x2, Conch x2): Grants Heal 12% percentage immediately + 3300 HP points and regenerates 5 Satiety.

Most Cost Effective Food Recipe

  • Balloon Fruit Salad (Balloon Fruit x2, Thornmato x2, Dressing x1): Grants 16% Heal percentage immediately + 34,000 HP points and Satiety.
  • Fruit Cake (Strawberries x2, Homi Grain x1, Fallen Fruit x1, Poultry Egg x1): Recovers 15% of Health and 27000 HP points. Additionally 10 Satiety is quite a bargain for the ingredients.
  • Nut Tea (Hazelnut x1, Pinecone x2, Honey x2): Recovers 20% + 76500 HP points and 20 Satiety.

Super Rare Recipes

  • Caterpillar Fungus Noodle (Caterpillar Fungus x1, Brown Rice x3): Grants 20 Satiety And immediately restores 20% + 60,000 HP points. One of the best HP restoration recipe in Tower of Fantasy perfect for this guide. Brown Rice grows all around Navia.
  • Snail Baked Rice (Carrion Snail x1, Rice x2): Generates 20 Satiety subsequently increases Physical Resistance by 675 +15% for twenty minutes. This is the easiest high-tier resistance food to make, as you can find several Snails in the western corner of Navia Bay. Rice can be bought from Food Vendors.
  • Purple Yam Pie (Brown Rice x3, Purple Yam x1): Regenerates 20 Satiety simultaneously increases Volt Attack by 150 +2% for twenty minutes. Brown Rice is common in Navia and Purple Yams are found in Warren.

That concludes our Tower of Fantasy food guide, for more tower of Fantasy tips and tricks check out our website.

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