Top 5 Most Followed Hot Tub Twitch Streamers


We bring you the top most followed Hot Tub Twitch Streamers that you would enjoy watching and follow for more IRL content.

Twitch, an interactive streaming platform, for a long time, has been a hub for gamers. There had been an elitist title associated with being able to stream there. The community had been in a sense conservative towards the development of the platform. It used to be a complex platform that ‘normies’ could not associate with.

With the introduction of IRL categories, non-gamers could now use this platform. IRL streaming has become bigger than ever and is enjoyed by both gamers and non-gamers.

Hot Tub streaming had been a category shunned by the community a lot, yet it continues to attract crowds and get viewership. We bring you the top 5 Hot Tub Twitch streamers that have been turning heads.

Faith (Twitch) 506k

Faith hot tub twitch streamer
Faith streaming Apex Legends

She rose to popularity based on her looks and her early controversial content but now started casual gaming streams. It is impressive to see how she is not monetizing her looks anymore and rather trying to work her way through it as a gamer. Although her previously infamous hot tub twitch streams were entertaining for a lot of people she has categorially re-purposed her channel.

Nicole (Twitch) 1.2M

nicole hot tub twitch streamer

She regularly does a lot of IRL content and gaming streams. Nicole is a college student who does ASMR content and IRL streams, various Chatting streams, and ASMR sessions for her viewers. She also plays a variety of PC Games while chatting and answering questions.

Alinity (Twitch) 1.5 M

Alinity hot tub streamer

Click-baiting views using their body is the concept behind hot tub twitch streamers. It does seem easy enough but it’s a choreographed act of innocence. She is a twitch streamer and American model who regularly got banned from Twitch for the sexual nature of her content.

Nonetheless, she never stopped posting explicit content and that was quite mindboggling. The twitch streaming policies were never really enforced on her stringently.

Taylor Jevaux (Twitch) 1.7M

Although due to her too revealing demeanor she has been banned from twitch. Twitch has a strict no-tolerance policy against sexual content. She had constantly been publishing content that is explicitly banned on twitch. The Twitch users have also noticed that the ban is somewhat inconsistent with its implementation.

Amouranth (Twitch) 5.8M

Amouranth hot tub streamer

Currently, the most followed Twitch Hot tub Streamer who is not banned. She has been actively evading the ban by not breaking the Twitch policy. Amouranth is the biggest and highest-grossing Hot tub streamer on twitch right now. She has now digressed from creating controversial content. Her content is nowadays within the purview of Twitch policy. That mostly contains ASMR sessions and chatting and gaming is only on paper.

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