Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds to find diamonds in September 2022


Check out our guide to find Seeds that are diamond-rich in Minecraft for a more fulfilling gameplay experience. You can farm diamonds very easily if you know the right spots!

Minecraft is the ultimate beginner survival open-world game. The pixel world gives an exhilarating thrill and experience of a lifetime, Minecraft remains a fan favorite to date. Minecraft was the original survival thriller game with more creative freedom for the players.

Diamond is one of the most sought-after minerals in Minecraft. In the vanilla version, it was the toughest and most important element. Now there are also better elements like nether, Bees, frogs, fireflies, Axolotl, and many other species have been added to the game.

Minecraft Seeds for Diamond list

Triple Blacksmiths (9097552722265112584)

triple blacksmiths minecraft diamond seed
The villages with three blacksmiths 9097552722265112584

This map helps you loot diamonds via NPC. NPCs or the villagers in Minecraft have various traits or trades. Players in this map, spawn close to three villages one of which hosts 3 blacksmiths. A rare occurrence, but it is very useful for the players. You can use the villagers to quickly get complex crafting items early in the game. Needless to say, they can also trade diamonds for some other things as long as they reach the Master level.

21 Diamond ore vein (Seed: 1624061533593296456)

diamond ore vein
The Village with exposed Diamond ore

Another highlightable seed for easy access to diamonds is this one. There is a Diamond Super vein featuring 21 diamond ores. You can locate the ores near the following coordinates: X: -106 Y: -41 Z: 728. You can use Fortune III to gain insane amounts of diamonds from this single spot. There is also an exposed spawner so do watch out for it.

Double Village with Diamonds (13675213)

double village diamond seed
Easiest Diamond find seed

You spawn near two villages in a picturesque landscape and right off the bat, you can get a lot of loot and Diamonds. There will be a lot of chests so don’t forget to go through all of them. With two villages so close by along with the exposed cave and multiple diamond ore blocks this is definitely a worthy contender for the top position.

Infinite Diamonds (2123212974)

infinite diamond seeds
Craziest Diamond farming

Not too far from your spawn location is located a huge Diamond batch. With easy access to the cave entrance, enter the cave and keep looping. The Seed is almost bug-like which keeps looping certain sections of the map. Which in turn helps use farm Diamond infinitely. The Seed can be a little confusing sometimes so make sure to keep a lot of pickaxes before mining diamonds.

Spirit Halloween Boy (-1808205616)

spirit halloween boy minecraft
The most exciting action-packed Seed

Not only does one of the houses in this village have a pillager outpost, but there is also an exposed zombie dungeon under it. Poor villagers in this Diamond rich seed of Minecraft have to deal with zombies and pillagers all the time. This is one of the toughest Minecraft Diamond seeds to farm although if you can fight them off it’s absolutely worth it. There is also a stronghold below the village so go and try to explore it.

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