Diablo IV Quarterly Update August 2022 – New Content, Events, Season Pass, and more


Bringing you the Quarterly update on all the new content in Diablo IV, Season pass, Live Events, The shop. And all the details you need to be on top of the game.

Diablo IV comes after a long wait, the previous Diablo came out 10 years ago. And after almost a decade comes the sequel. Diablo Series is a fan favorite for all the Blizzard fans, the game was announced in 2019. An Action RPG set in a demonic hellish world, with 5 classes to choose from. In a new blog post, the developers have announced all the major changes coming to Diablo IV during the August 2022 quarterly update. Here is everything you should know.

No Pay to Win!

The most celebrated fact is that the game is not pay-to-win. Fans can finally sigh in relief as it has been confirmed via the official Diablo IV quarterly update notice. There is no way you can get an in-game advantage by paying to skip the grind. Unlike Diablo Immortal which had wrecked the nerves of all fans, the developers milked it dry with all the pay to progress fastest and get better loot.

It was the most unsatisfying thing a game developer can do to the die-hard fans of a series: trample on the feelings of the fans who have supported the game’s development. Moreover, it was a game that runs on support, because the fans give it so much love.

Season Pass

You can buy a season pass which will give cosmetics and other goodies that won’t aid the game. The things you get from the Seasonal pass will in no way give you an undue advantage over others.

Diablo IV, in its quarterly updates, explains in detail how the monetization of the game works. Firstly the game is fully paid so there is no free-to-play option. Secondly, the in-game purchases will not provide any pay-for-power options. Season Pass recognizes the player’s dedication and more rewards unlock accordingly.


The Game will now have seasons with each season pass. This means constant regular updates to the game, with meta changes, all-new gameplay, quests, challenges, and quality of life improvements.

The Shop

Diablo IV Shop | Mediareferee
Featured shop cosmetics

The experience of buying in the in-game shop has been enhanced. The game devs want the players to enjoy their purchases during and after purchase. Shop’s cosmetics are built on the fact that there will be a huge variety of transmogs. From weapons to player armor there will be endless customizations.

The shop will be optional and the players can experience the game without spending any additional money. The shop is very transparent as it is imperative that players understand the full extent of their items. And the best-looking cosmetics are not just for season pass holders. The main motivation is to complete the barracks

Live Events

Diablo Live Events | Mediareferee
The expected Events menu

Diablo IV will include something called Live Events, which will be accessible globally as per the Quarterly updates. These include some drastic changes to the living conditions of the world, new peddlers, etc. as a depiction of a realistic in-game experience of the Diablo world. Like things in the real world are not constant, games have started developing this as a feature. In the ever-changing game world, players need to stay updated with current events.

New content

Diablo IV Sanctuary | Mediareferee
Depiction of Hell in Sanctuary

Diablo IV will have a dedicated team that will release new content regularly. Each season will feature new gameplay and questlines, and introduce new challenges, mysteries, and possibilities.

As the game develops its new season system, will reveal more of the sanctuary. The world will slowly open to us and the character giving more diverse experiences. We will get the opportunity to unlock new characters in the Diablo IV Quarterly updates.

The Meta system

Paragon system | Mediareferee
The Meta system under Diablo 4

This is not the Facebook Meta as Facebook took the Meta term from the gaming and coding community. Meta is basically the crux of the character/class balancing in the game. With each season, there will be a class or build that is good for that season and redundant during the next.

This will keep players engaged and help balance out the fun of the experience. There will be constant new additions to the legendary and unique items, paragon boards, glyphs, and more to refresh the meta. Refreshing the meta helps create new builds and explore the game to the fullest.

Season Journey

Season Journey | Mediareferee
Season Jouney in Diablo III.

With major season releases, you can expect to see the return of the Season journey. This is to push players to explore the Sanctuary anew and earn limited-time rewards. The final task of each Season Journey requires the players to face a dangerous foe. They are made to be tasks that no casual players can overcome.

With that said, the game expects to regularly add ‘pinnacle-level’ difficulty challenges for the players to complete and prove their worth and earn unique cosmetic rewards. Like Diablo III, this will be totally free for all the players as per the quarterly updates. Completing Season Journey also grants progress towards the Season pass.

Necromancer | Mediareferee
Expected In game Skin

The players can take comfort in knowing that Diablo IV will continue with Quarterly updates and continue to evolve post-launch. The game seems promising but as they always have trouble meeting the players’ expectations we can’t be too sure.

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