Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS


Are you eyeing open-world games for mobile Android and Ios devices? Here is a list of all the best open-world games you can try on your handheld device.

Open-world games offer you a large world to explore with many levels to solve. However, the trend for these games has reduced than before over the years and it’s underappreciated.

Nowadays even mobile Phones give a full-fledged gaming experience to their players. Open World games give you the experience of life in a virtual world in real-time exploring the vast maps of the game and different levels.

Given that you have so many options in all open-world game categories it would be difficult for you to choose the best one. So sit back and enjoy our list of all the best mobile open-world games that you can try out now.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Android | iOS

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world adventure game containing survival and other gameplay aspects. Players must survive in a dinosaur-infested landscape. You can construct a base, tame numerous dinosaurs for your own use, craft items, and construct structures. There is also a social aspect. You can play with (or against) other people and even form Tribes for more cooperative play.


Android | iOS

image 5968
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 9

Life after is a combination of many games. It takes transpiration from PUBG and Fortnite and also has the gameplay elements of zombie survival games. This game is also based on a zombie Apocalypse where Pretty much everyone has been the victim of zombies. Now as a sole survivor, you have to defend your base and hunt for some precious resources to survive.

EVE Echoes

Android | iOS

image 5969
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 10

This game has one of the most complex MORPGs in the mobile game category. This one is known for its vast open world where there are up to thousands of players reaching war with another meet the weapons they find. Eve Echoes has brilliantly put a complex MMORPG game in a mobile device but it also has its own downside like working hard to upgrade in the game. But indeed it’s a revolution for the open world games in the mobile device.

Perfect World Mobile

Android | iOS

image 5970
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 11

Perfect World is based on a traditional Korean MMORPG dad that represents the Eastern online RPG market. This game offers a perfect mechanism for creating characters that were way ahead of their time. And the game is set up in a much easier way to play now with all the automation mechanics that make your work easier to understand the gist of the game.


Android | iOS

image 5972
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 12

The name of the game itself perfectly solves the open-world category. Wilderness is casual gameplay with very soothing sceneries and smooth gameplay. Unlike the other open-world game when you have to constantly complete challenges and missions, this one lets you explore and sink in the most beautiful digital world.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Android | iOS

image 5973
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 13

MadOut 2 to Big City Online is a highly competent game for GTA. If you are a fan of chaotic action and some car races this is the game for you. Do not underestimate it as it’s equivalent to GTA for handheld devices. This one also revolves around the crime drama similar to GTA titles but on mobile phone devices.

One of its features is that it let you play with 100 other players live in multiplayer mode. This means you can recreate and host Battle Royal games.

Off The Road

Android | iOS

image 5974
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 14

If you’re not a fan of too noisy or chaotic games perhaps a driving simulator of a 4 × 4 monster truck would serve your taste. Off the road gives you a 3-D experience of driving a monster truck or sailing a yacht in a 3-D open world. This game is about vehicles instead of people in the vast world where you can drive off without any particular destination. You can explore all of the vehicles the game has to offer.

Second Galaxy

Android | iOS

image 5975
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 15

Looking for open world game with a space theme then this is it. Second Galaxy should be on your list to explore a space adventure. This game lets you take control of your own spacecraft and find your place in the vast Galaxy. There are galactic challenges waiting for you to hunt down pirates or simply hit the base in the open space.

Goat Simulator

Android | iOS

image 3018
Top 10 Open World Games for Mobile – Android and iOS 16

Goat Simulator is a devious destructive and dumb fun game that you can sit back and relaxingly play. This game is about a wayward goat in a small town. Take control of the goat and blow off some steam by having some fun with the goat.

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