Top 10 Games on the XBOX Game Pass


We bring you the top 10 games to can play on XBOX game pass comprising all genres. This is not a list of the top 10 games, it is a list of the Top 10 reasons to get XBOX game pass.

Battle passes are a great way to monetize old series that have lost their charm by clubbing the accessibility of the latest games. Although battle passes are a bigger win for the corporates, it also benefits gamers. With the battle pass, you can enjoy a variety of games at the cost of 1 game.

Needless to say, the cost-effectiveness of battle passes is very appealing. You get access to not only Microsoft exclusives you also get access to a lot of EA games. We have included games like racing, fighting, strategy, and much more. So get your battle pass as soon as you can!

Forza Horizon 5

Set in the picturesque country of Mexico, Forza Horizon 5 is not only the successor of Forza Horizon 4 the open-world racing game but it is so much more. A totally action-packed game that has come a long way from giving just a realistic racing experience.

Improved tools that allow us to build custom events, enormous visual upgrades, hundreds of new custom parts, and cars are just the tip of the iceberg. There have been overall improvements in car handling, more granular preferences, and more online content making it one of the best PC racing games.

Final Fantasy 13

The series is one of the most successfully running series of all time. How many series do you know which has these many additions to their storyline? Most of them are Japanese if you are wondering about that question. Final Fantasy is a drama-infused monster slashing game with character developments as the story progresses.

A turn-based strategy games evolution to one of the most graphically advanced games. The game was not well received initially but the battle pass helps you try and understand an underdog game to help you appreciate the series a little more.

Halo Infinite

This list has a lot of redeeming titles, Halo Infinite being one of them. The Halo series had been going downhill after Halo Reach. Halo Infinite stands in the evolving ground for the Microsoft Flagship series. And as one of the top Xbox pass games. This is the series’ first open-world combat experience. Halo has never been open world and this is a great way to rework an existing game to begin its revival.

The game does continue the storyline and there is a continuation from the Halo Guardians. The original storyline is messed up because of Guardians but this game is more of a band-aid to that blunder. The game tries to reset the errors and keeps it straight and simple.


It’s a roguelike action dungeon crawler game and one of the top Xbox pass games you can get. You play as Zagreus, son of Hades in an attempt to escape the underworld. Before each run, you are bestowed with a blessing to help you escape. As you attempt to escape, the rooms keep shifting and changing, making every run unique.

As you clear the rooms, you get rewards that can be long-term or short. You can get a few buffs or items that help only the current run and some buffs are long-term. Every weapon lands a hit with impact and your progression advances with darkness and keys collected.


The hardcore 2D game adopts the art and graphic style of the early 20s. This game is really entertaining and challenging. You don’t get your beta man health bars or regen. It’s a 4 hit game over for you so stay on your toes. There is no easy mode in this game, it’s just normal, hard, and hardcore.

This game is enjoyable for all the classic-loving fans as well as appealing to the kids. There are no boosts you can buy with real money or microtransactions. A game that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Fall Guys

The Ultimate knockout battle royale, with cute characters that look like minions. Customize your bean to look the most unique as you weasel out among a crowd of guys. It is a digital version of the Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle. Fall Guys which used to be a paid game is now totally free boosting its active player base by a lot.

Through the battle pass every season or in the form of unlockable rewards and through the in-game shop. So hack it out with your friends in the Fall Guys.

Gotham Knights

The most anticipated Batman game ever, Set to release this October. The game will be on all consoles and PC, a highly graphical action RPG open-world game. Crawling through the streets of modern Gotham as you takedown mobs and mafia. Making it one of the top Xbox pass games ever.

It’s a really economical way to play the triple-A title game via the battle pass. The game is not a continuation of Arkham series. There are currently 4 playable characters known: Robin, Redhood, Batgirl, and Nightwing.

Stardew Valley

There is comfort at Stardew Valley that can rarely be found in other games. This mellow 16-bit countryside town and all the activities that await offer peace and excitement to your daily life. The game has soo much to offer from fishing, farming, crafting, and fighting monsters, mine, befriend all the townsfolk.

The game has constantly offered free new updates from multiplayer compatibility to different building types. 5 new farm maps and changing seasons, Stardew valley has become much more dynamic with varying weather, crop types, and festivals. A wholesome simulation game that you don’t want to miss out on.

Age of Empire 4

The Latest collection to one of the most successfully running RTS games. Age of Empires 4 is a more dynamic and advance version of Age of Empires 2 and 3. The reason for including Age of Empire 2 was because it was the most successful Age of Empire game that is running to date.

After a lackluster performance by AOE 3, AOE 4 has sought to bring life back to the series. With next gen graphics and smoother controls, the game is as responsive as it can be.

Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is the all new fan favorite Battle royale also one of the top Xbox pass games. With its Japanese-inspired characters design and combat style, it is a very exciting game. You can queue solo or in Trios for the ultimate showdown. The mixed martial arts combat is for close range and features a rock-paper-scissors combat system.

There are various heroes to pick from each having their own unique special skills. You collect weapons and consumables to ready your arsenal for combat. The shadow corruption develops as time goes on, so you gotta keep moving.

Elder Scrolls 5

The most popular and long running game from the Elder scroll series, Skyrim. The dragon sprawling world of Skyrim is a fantasy adventure Action RPG. The game is set 200 years from Oblivion, the previous addition to the series. These are the earliest adopters of open world game concepts.

The attraction of roaming fantasy lands as your customized character was insane. The main quest of the game is to defeat the world ending dragon. You can do various quests and missions to strengthen yourself, and fight various bosses to improve your skills. The game was praised for its character advancement, world design and much more.

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