Top 10 Games Like Wild Hearts


Looking for games like Wild Hearts? Here is a list of all the games you can play if you like Wild Hearts.

If you have been enjoying playing against monsters in Wild Hearts and are engulfed in the action back video game and are looking for more games like it, we got you covered.

games like wild hearts
Wild Hearts

Wild hearts is based on a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. The tougher is a fascinating world of creatures based on Japanese mythology. Players were looking for games like Wild Hearts Can you expect monsters and other kinds of beastly spirits to explore dark fantasy realms inspired by ancient lore from around the world?

Elden Ring

PlayStation | Xbox

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One of the popular games in the genre is the Elden Ring. This game has a dark fantasy RPG story In which they will be able to fight some of the mightiest mythical beasts in the game. There are many human and supernatural enemies in this game.

It could be difficult for Beginners who are new to this genre. While you explore the world of Elden ring you will come across many huge dungeons and players have to defeat these hostile creatures if they want to become Elden Lord.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Xbox | PlayStation

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Is one of the most exciting games in this genre. Gamers get to become powerful Warriors and transport to time in 184 AD China and explore a magical world with divine beasts and other daily enemies.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is it dangerous world filled with challenges and is a land that’s filled with chaos. You can add this game to your list as well.

Teenage Blob

Teenage Blob is a combination of mesmerizing colorful visuals. It is a punk night adventure. The game is based on teenagers who are on their way to experience the best night of their life by taking the streets off to storm with their bizarre adventure. You can even dress up your character with typical teenage quirky fashion.



EZ2ON REBOOT: R games like wild hearts

This game is the latest entry in the rhythm-action franchise and is available on Steam. Thanks to this game that you can reminisce about the classic collection audiovisual. This game has a collection of fresh songs appealing the modern gamers. It has futuristic designs with many good soundtracks. If you are looking for a soul rhythmic game here is the one.

Melody’s Escape 2 

This is a running action game where you can make a run to your favorite songs from your own library. Melody Escape 2 is here to give you some action with the freedom to make a run for your choice. Each mp3 creates a unique obstacle course synced to the beat and the intensity of your music.

Rhythm Sprout

Playstation | Xbox | Nintendo

Do you also like walking and listening to your favorite soundtrack? Well, if yes then this is the game but you can walk virtually. You can fight bosses listening to your favorite music be it K-Pop, EDM, or Hip-Hop tracks. It has a quirky story, 3p levels, and various WX modes to refresh your gameplay.

Temp Zero


This one is a minimalistic roguelike game. It has a good collection of soundtracks to play and earn you are in action and music bullet hell. You can fight enemies that attack to beat, choose Perks, defeat the final boss, and unlock new weapons, all in the beats of your favorite music.



Sonority is a music puzzle game ahead of time and has a fantastic design set in a beautiful world. You will play as Esther and discover the rockery, which is a place full of music and unique puzzle mechanics. It has different genres of music and nice gameplay.

One Hand Clapping – OHC

One Hand Clapping - OHC gameplay
One Hand Clapping – OHC Gameplay

This game tests your humming skills as you have to solve puzzles by humming the music into your microphone. Imagine a world controlled by your voice. This game is an amazing puzzle platformer game that emphasizes vocal input to progress in the game. The visuals of this game are quite dreamy with vibrant sceneries.

Before I Forget

Before I Forget games like wild hearts
Before I Forget

You have to explore the present to unfold the past. It is based on a short love story and a life well-lived. It has a narrative exploration that is filled with memories and is constantly disappearing and reappearing. This game is based on the concept of dementia and what happens when you can’t let go of people you love. It’s all about the memories you hold in your mind with a tinge of music.

These are all the best games like Wild Hearts for you to get your hands on. We are sure that there are many games like Wild Heart, but these are the best ones that we have listed for you. Make sure that you try out all of these games, who knows you will find your new favorite in this genre.

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