Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom Guide – Attack Pattern, Best Teams, and more


Jadeplume Terrorshroom Boss was added in the Genshin Impact 3.0 version update. Wondering how to defeat it and which team you should use? Here is our complete guide.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom may sound like a huge name but it is not even slightly scary or extremely powerful to defeat. It can be one of the easiest bosses you might have come across in Genshin Impact. In order to defeat this boss you shall know everything about Jadeplume Terrorshroom. Here is everything you need to know everything about the Dendro Bird.

Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom
Jadeplume Terrorshroom Boss Fight

Where to find Jadeplume Terrorshroom

Jadeplume Terrorshroom Location
Jadeplume Terrorshroom Location

You can find Jadeplume Terrorshroom residing in the northwest corner of Sumeru. You can find the icon on the map located in the west of Chatrakam Cave. When you head to this location you will find a portal opened for you instead of the boss. You have to enter this portal by using the Four-Leaf Sigil inside this portal which will transfer you to the place where the boss is located. So make sure that you only use this Teleport waypoint to go back and forth.

How to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom?

Here are the steps to help you defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Genshin Impact in a smooth way. Make sure to follow these steps.

Make use of Electro and Dendro

These two elements are combined to form three kinds of reactions Aggravate, Quicken, or Catalyze reactions, which will provoke the boss to go on a short rampage and force the boss to use one of the boss’ three special attacks. Since the boss will be forced to use a special power, the bird will have to rest after fully using its abilities, now Jadeplume Terrorshroom won’t be able to move for 15 seconds. You can use this time to land perfect damage to the boss.

Dendro character against Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom
Dendro character against Jadeplume Terrorshroom

Avoid Pyro attacks

Pyro attacks lead to the boss becoming charred which will annoy the boss. Upon getting irritated there is a high possibility that Jadeplume Terrorshroom starts shooting seeds which grow into new fungal enemies. These fungi enemies will come at you and pester you throughout your fight with the boss if you don’t suppress them at the right time.

Using these methods you can keep away from the fungi enemies and make your path clear to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom. That’s all you have to do. Now, to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Genshin Impact you should also be aware of the Dendro Bird’s abilities, thus we have listed here what Jadeplume Terrorshroom is capable of.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom Attack Pattern

Electro characters against the Dendro Boss
Electro characters against the Dendro Boss

Normal Attacks

The boss has a set of fixed basic attacks that will be used by it irrespective of any situation and is majorly used when it’s not under any elemental reactions. These attacks include a three-hit melee combo, homing projectiles, and a rain of spores that are capable of exploding in an AoE.

Enraged Attacks

If you hit the creature with Electro and Dondre reactions, it tends to become enraged and will use one of any three attacks before going to rest. These moves include rain of homing spores, a bull-like charge, and a series of pecks that can be fired in any random direction.

Scorched Attack

Jadeplume Terrorshroom fires seeds that turn into fungi and will be behind you throughout the battle as mentioned above. So make sure that you avoid this attack by the creature so that you don’t have many enemies coming at you all at once.

Best Team Lineup

First character: Boss’ moves are generally close-range attacks so it’s ideal to defeat it using long-range characters when it’s alive. Characters with Dendro abilities are ideal for this attack like Tighnari and Collei.

Second character: When it comes to using Electro; Fischl, Yae Miko, and Lisa are ideal to use

Third character: If you want to keep the team alive it’s always best to keep a healer or a shielder in your team in case anything goes wrong. Although Diona is capable of playing both parts, characters like Kokomi, Zhongli, Barbara, Noelle, and Shinobu are chosen since they can react with Dendro whereas Cryo cannot.

Fourth character: The last character slot can be filled with an Anemo user to make elemental reactions stronger, a Dendro character, or an Electro character according to your choice. The Jadeplume Terrorshroom will be immovable, therefore it’s also a good idea to have a powerful burst DPS.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom Team Setup
Jadeplume Terrorshroom Team Setup

These are all the points to keep in mind if you are planning to take on a fight with Jadeplume Terrorshroom. Sure this boss is easy to fight but is equally tiring if it releases a Scorched attack and you will find it annoying with all the fungi enemies chasing you all at once and not giving you any chance to use your attacks at them. So make sure that you play safe at the same time use your powers wisely to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Genshin Impact.

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