Top 10 Games like Darkest Dungeon



Here’s our listicle that includes the 10 best games like Darkest Dungeon. You will love these games if you played Darkest Dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon is an action role playing game by the makers of Red Hook Studios. The game has gothic Roguelike elements and turn-based combat. Darkest Dungeon is all about exploring all dungeons and surviving the horror world. Train your heroes and travel across forests, crypts, and dark dungeons. You have to defeat wicked creatures in every dungeon and kill them to progress in the game. 

There are 16 classes and more than 50 weapons. Utilize weapons and skills to upgrade your powers. There are camps in every location and you can restore your health and energy in these camps. Complete turn-based and real-time combat to unlock new rewards. Overall, Darkest Dungeon is an enthralling adventure ride that you can play. Darkest Dungeon 2, a sequel, is also available. To those who are looking for similar games like Darkest Dungeon, here are the best games to play if you like Darkest Dungeon.

Best Games Like Darkest Dungeon 

Play these ten games if you want to experience something similar to Darkest Dungeon. 

Battleheart Legacy

BattleHeart Legacy from Mika Mobile is an action roleplaying game. You will enter a fantasy world to become the mighty Wizard or Rogue. You can choose your heroes before starting challenges. Every hero has powerful skills and stats, you can choose one to complete battles. There are more than 150 skills and 12 classes, so choosing a hero should not be an issue. Battleheart Legacy has stunning VFX and graphics, a horror-like background score, and beautiful locations. The real-time combats are based on Battle Heart. You can simply tap and unleash different moves to defeat enemies. Choose weapons and equipment to conquer the fantasy world. Use poison spells to attack enemies faster and win battles. Overall, Battleheart Legacy is a perfect replacement for Darkest Dungeon; you; can play it on Android and iOS.

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror from PID Games is an intriguing survival thriller and a strategy game for Android and iOS. Your role is to infest zombies and spread the zombie apocalypse all over the world. The game has Pixel Art mechanics and new gameplay elements to keep you hooked throughout the end. Transform humans into zombies and contaminate them to defeat the horde of zombies. A PC version of the game is also available. Overall, Zombie Night Terror is a unique survival and strategy thriller to play if you like Darkest Dungeon.


Chasm is a Metroidvania action adventure from Bit Kid. The gameplay and storyline are based on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. A tale of knights where you go on an adventure beneath the mountain in a remote location. A fantasy world where you complete new missions to craft resources from underground mines in the Guildean Kingdom. You need to find and solve mysteries to restore peace in your territory.

Retro gameplay with pixel art elements. Reach dark dungeons and complete boss fights to acquire new weapons and rewards. Complete daily and weekly challenges to get free resources. The arcade mode challenges will be fun and thrilling. 

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a deck-building from MegaCrit and Humble Bundle. The game has Roguelike elements. Pick your characters and slay the enemies using cards and relics. Slay the Spire is a pioneer for upcoming deck-building games and was a raging hit when it was released. Wisely use your cards and relics which have the best def and attack. Complete the levels of spires and defeat enemies from every floor. Encounter monster creatures and get a new deck of cards and relics. 

Upgrade your cards regularly from shops and get new potions. The combat will be unique and you will be given three energy points. Complete all Turn-based combat and you have to use the best decks to defeat enemies.

Iron Danger

Iron Danger is a tactical role playing game from Action Squad Studios and Daedalic Entertainment. The game has both real-time and turn-based combats and new time manipulation gameplay elements and mechanics. The entire Storyline takes place in a fantasy steampunk world.

Trance mode is another new mechanic which allows players to rewind time and begin from the start. Explore the fantasy world in Finland and summon characters with special skills to complete missions. Explore the primeval forest, placid lakes, and lofty wells to find unknown stories and defeat enemies to progress faster in the game.


Underrail is an isometric roleplaying game from the developers of Stygian Software.  The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic distant world and your goal is to explore various locations and combat against foes.  Control your denizer and save your troops from the underrail universe.

A unique turn-based isometric indie game that’s fully engaging and entertaining to play.

Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers from Overhype Studios is a turn-based combat game. You will play the role of a leader of a mercenary company and travel across the medieval fantasy world. Players can hire and train new troops to defeat enemies and loot rewards. You will get new contracts as missions. Explore every place to find new contracts that will help you to earn essential items and other resources in the game. 

Complete strategic battles and defeat enemies. Once you are killed, the mission restarted from the beginning. Equip cards and weapons to fight against AI enemies. Every enemy is powerful and boasts unique abilities and traits. Complete missions and gain more experience. Battle Brothers has a scintillating soundtrack and fantastic visuals with story-rich elements. Overall, Battle Brothers is an amazing card-based game and one of the best games like Darkest Dungeon.


Mistover is a Roguelike Dungeon crawler RPG from Krafton. In Mistover, gameplay and mechanics are complicated. You play the role of a hero who has to fight against monsters invading your Village. The plot takes place in a fictional world and these hazardous creatures spawn from a vortex called “the Pillar of Despair”. There are five locations with different dungeons and endings. You need to explore every dungeon and complete missions. There will be traps, complicated paths, portals, and more. You need to overcome all these to complete a mission. A challenging adventure is what you can expect here. 

Complete every real-time and turn-based combat to unlock rewards and essential resources. Survive against the dark creatures and monsters in mountains, lakes, cities, forests, castles,  cathedrals, and other Dungeons. Use your weapons and gear for every battle. Upgrade and build your own corps from 8 classes. Overall, Mistover is a stunning survival thriller game that will surprise you.

Mad Crown 

Mad Crown is a massive Roguelike game from S-Game. You play the role of an adventurer in search of a legendary crown. As the game’s name suggests, you will be mad for that crown and hunt down every enemy to find one. Use different tactics and skills to wipe out dark enemies. Travel across the post-apocalyptic dieselpunk world, dungeons, and other places in the mutated world.

The storyline takes place 100 years after the human race demolished the world with nuclear weapons. Defeat enemies from other races and realms, seek help from ancient gods, and complete all combats to unlock resources that will also help you survive in this dark world. Complete boss fights with different weapons and unlock new missions to progress faster. Choose equipment and weapons to defeat all enemies.

Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts from the makers of Snowhound Games and Fulqrum Publishing is a Roguelike deck-building and strategy based game. It was considered a doppelganger to Darkest Dungeon at the time of its release and was heavily praised for its unique gameplay elements and mechanics like dungeon crawler and deck-building. A sci-fi game where you need to travel across the universe to find derelict alien ships and loot resources.

Explore outer space and the galaxy, buy equipment for ships,  and upgrade your gear and other components to level up faster. You need to survive against aliens and other enemies to live the life of a normal citizen. Compete in tactical combat and defeat enemies to get loot items from them as drops. Summon your mercenaries and train them to travel throughout the universe. The game is like a comic book and the retro gameplay elements and card battler mechanics are the best features.

These are the 10 best games like Darkest Dungeon to play in 2023. 

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