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Check out our listicle to find out the top 10 games like Yandere Simulator to play right now.

Yandere Simulator is a Stealth action game from the team of YandereDev. In this game, you will play the role of a young schoolgirl named Ayano Aishi who’s also known as Yandere. The story of Yandere Simulator is all about Ayano Aishi and her love for Senpai or Taro Yamada. Both of them are high school students in Japan. Ayano Aishi has a huge crush on Senpai and her feelings for him are beyond her life and anything. After a series of events, Aisha learns that another girl falls for Taro and there arises a conflict between Aisha and the other girl. Ayano Aishi has to use her powers and skills to defeat her counterpart to succeed in her mission to attain Senpai. A different storyline and interesting characters make Yandere Simulator one of the best stealth action games.

The entire plot of Yandere Simulator travels with these 3 students. You can use the skills of Ayano Aishi to kidnap, electrocute, befriend, and betray the other school girls. You can also play the minigames and earn money as a maid cafe in this action game. To those who find Yandere Simulator an interesting game to explore, here are the other games like Yandere Simulator to play in 2023. Check our guide to know the top 10 games like Yandere Simulator to play in 2023.

Best Games like Yandere Simulator 

Here are the 10 best games to play if you like Yandere Simulator. Our list includes a variety of action and adventure games that you can play on Mobile, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars from is an MMORPG and strategy game where you have to use your skills and conquer kingdoms and the throne to build your own empire. The emperor of the village is defeated and you play the role of a true lord and savior as well to protect your kingdoms. The magical world has a plethora of heroes from backgrounds including dwarves, mermaids, dark elves, and steampunk. You need to find and recruit the best sets of heroes to restore your kingdom. 

You also need to find ancient artifacts to unlock more rewards. You can join hands with 4 heroes in the competitive multiplayer to complete the RPG styled battles. With more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store, Lords Mobile is one of the best games like the Yandere Simulator to play right now.

Taptap Heroes: Idle RPG 

A tactical action RPG from the makers of Ajoy Lab Games where you need to complete Idle based RPGs. This idle card game is also the very first multiplayer strategy game where you need to summon powerful heroes and defeat them in Den of Secrets. You can pick your hero and start completing the challenges. Freya is the main antagonist from the world of Mystia and you need to explore the different camps and fight against these heroes who work along with Freya to conquer the world. The heroes are from different Factions and Classes. Wizards, Knights, Warriors, and Heaven Gods will have to fight against each other to conquer the kingdom. Join hands with global players and defeat heroes in PK and also complete every PvP battle to progress faster in the game. Choose your heroes and pick your powers and weapons to complete combat in the game.

Persona 5 Royal 

Persona 5 Royal from the team of ATLUS and SEGA is an extended version of Persona 5. The gameplay and storyline in Persona 5 Royal are almost the same and new features have been added for a better experience. Your role as a don is to travel to Tokyo and save the high school students after donning the mask of a Phantom Thief. You need to unlock more Personas and complete new challenges to be the savior of your city. The turn-based combat and battles will be faster and more intense. Overall, Persona 5 Royal is one of the best action games to play if you like the Yandere Simulator.


The sandbox adventure from the team of Mojang Studios, Minecraft has always been one of the best adventure games. In Minecraft, you need to explore the villages and cities to find new missions, and NPC, and get resources. A completely different experience is what Minecraft provides its gamers. Explore the 3D world and fight against the bosses to get resources and items that will help you to craft new items, weapons, and more. Complete the daily quests and defeat the hostile mobs to unlock new free rewards. Minecraft is an award-winning game that’s been celebrated for more than 11 years. You need to craft resources for building new houses in your village. Find food, shelter, and other basic resources to progress faster. You will travel across various biomes which include Snow, Forests, Deserts, Plains, Jungles, Caves, Water, and Mountains.

There are a couple of in-game modes and the difficulty level ranges from easy to hard in Minecraft. You must meet and interact with villagers and NPCs to gain new missions. You also need to feed animals, mobs, and other creatures of the village with fruits and other food items to increase your chances of winning.

The Sims 4  

The Sims 4 is a social simulation game from  Maxis and Electronic Arts. This is the 4th release from the popular Sims series. You play the role of Sims in this version where you can design dresses, build houses, get resources, and upgrade the sims. The goal of Sims 4 is to simulate your Sims every day and satisfy their needs in their day-to-day lives.

You need to build more homes and decorate them by upgrading for your family and sims. Explore the open world to meet and interact with other Sims. Overall, The Sims 4 is an incredible adventure game and the successful journey of the Sims series continues with this.

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution is a Stealth action game from IO Interactive and Square Enix Europe. You don the role of an Assassin named Agent 47 who needs to protect a teenage girl from the enemies. Complete the objectives, contracts, and missions to receive resources and new rewards. Agent 47, the original Assassin also needs to be the savior of his world against the corrupted officers and agency. You also need to safeguard him from the police and other enemies. The stealth gameplay elements are Hitman Absolution is one of the reasons for the game’s huge success. Overall Hitman Absolution is an incredible action entertainer and a like to like replacement for Yandere Simulator. 

High School Simulator

A life simulation game, High School Simulator is a story about high school life in Japan. You can choose and play the role of a boy or a girl and complete the required tasks. You need to explore Japanese High schools and other places to complete challenges. Visit the school and experience school life. You also need to fight against some students who keep troubling other students in high school. High School Simulator is a fun simulator game from Kuma Games.


Undertale, a popular action RPG, is not a serious action game but the bosses and enemies here are fun to battle against. You need not attack and kill anyone as Undertale is more of a mind game. With fantastic visuals, a great story, and amusing bosses, you can expect unlimited entertainment in Undertale. The story-rich and horror gameplay elements are one of the game’s best features. You need to defeat bosses without killing them.

Players can even date the skeleton bosses in the dungeons. You will have dogs as your companions. Undertale is a unique RPG from the team of tobyfox and the skeleton type bosses and their witty behavior will make you fall in love with the game. The boss fights are mandatory in Undertale and you must complete them to unlock the following challenges. If you fail boss fights, then you might be trapped and a prisoner for a long time.

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush from Japan Studios is an action-adventure. You will play the role of an Amnesiac named Kat. Kat has to save the world of Hekseville from the dangerous Nevi. You need to complete missions and safeguard people from Nevi. Kat has super special powers and gravity-altering abilities to manipulate her foes. Complete the quests and get new rewards and gems from local NPCs. Overall, Gravity Rush is an enthralling action ride that keeps you thoroughly engaged. If you like Yandere Simulator, then Gravity Rush is yours to explore and experience.

School Girls Simulator

School Girls Simulator from the team of Meromsoft is another life simulation game where you don the role of a young girl in a school in Japan. You can relive your school days by playing the role of a student. A complete school life experience is what you can expect here and you can eat, play, fight, talk, drive cars, date each other, and even fight against the zombies. You can develop relationships with other Japanese High school students. Attend the classes and you can interact with classmates to develop friendships.

Ride bicycles, and bikes, buy and eat sweets, join clubs and dance with others,  go on a date with your loved ones, and travel with your lover. Everything a teenager expects in his school life can be experienced in School Girls Simulator. And the focus shifts towards the zombies that intrude on your classrooms.  Equip Knives, Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Swords to protect your classmates and other girls. You will even transform into a zombie after getting affected by them. You can also dislike zombies to avoid this feature.

These are all the 10 best games like Yandere Simulator to play right now. Play these games and you will love them as much as you love Yandere Simulator. We will come back with more updates and guides soon.

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