Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers


Looking for games like Castle Crashers that focus on online co-op games? Here is a list of the best games like Castle Crashers that you should try out.

Castle Crashers was initially launched as a simple 2D arcade game in 2008. It was later expanded to other platforms with more content. In Castle Crashers players engage in scrolling action with 4 players and there are many games to collect coins and fight with enemies to upgrade in the game.

If you too are a fan of games like Castle Crashers and are looking for something fresh with the same kind of gameplay here is a list of all the games like Castle Crashers that you can try out.

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Games Like Castle Crashers

Ultimate chicken horse

Xbox | Playstation

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Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers 6

This game is a party platformer that lets you challenge your friends to reach the finish line 1st. The game is filled with deadly traps and players will also get a chance to create their own game levels to create personalized challenges for themselves friends and other players.This game supports up to 4 players online or through local play.

Spiral Knights


It is a cooperative team game that takes its inspiration from Legend of Zelda and also offers an MMO experience with co-op gameplay. In this game, players get to control their own knight and get to explore Planet Cradle and its dungeons in the name of the Order. It has good mechanics and graphics that would indulge the players deeply in the world of a Royal adventure.

Kirby’s Return to a Dreamland


Kirby's Return to a Dreamland
Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers 7

You can embark on a good journey with 3 of your friends in this co-op game. This game has a cute gameplay and has dreamy visuals that will keep you hooked. The game is based on the story of Kirby’s adventure with Kirby carrying a delicious cake while being chased by King Dedede and Waddle Dee. You have to run past Meta Knight quietly.

Suddenly a flying ship appears and crashes land in front of the group with a friendly Alien named Magolor. This alien would ask for your assistance to repair and fuel the spaceship to return back to its home. Players have to travel in 5 continents of the planet and collect 120 energy bars that are required to power the ship. Now it’s on you how you help this alien go back to its home.

Rampage Knights


It is a mix of action of the side-scrolling genre with rogue-like elements to create a challenging Dungeon crawler. It offers many contents and a variety of each run differently from its last one. You can play this game alone or with your friends cooperatively taking on the role of your favorite hero trapped in a dark magic forest. Be prepared for many dark creatures like Goblins, Skeletons, and Shadow Beasts in the game. Each of these creatures would offer you a new experience along with different layouts of items and enemies to fight.



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Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers 8

This one is a Shooting high-quality sci-fi game that can be played on PC or PlayStation. You can team up to 4 players in cooperative missions to take down enemy-controlled planets. This Galaxy is dystopian and is managed by democratic rules of the human race referred to as Super Earth. Players will be facing many versions of enemies as they go from one planet to another. Players will have to complete a single objective or multiple upon reaching each planet to move on to the next planet.

Lost Castle

Nintendo | PlayStation | PC

This game has cute graphics that have a difficult RPG in the Lost Castle awaiting you. There are dungeons to conquer and Roguelike features to experience t give you challenging tasks. The game story is like any other dungeon game: This castle was once governed by nobles and the center of happiness in this land has been overshadowed by darkness. It’s on you how you bring back happiness by using your powers and taking down the demons that have conquered the castle.

Moon hunters

Playstation | Nintendo | Xbox

Games Like Castle Crashers
Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers 9

This game takes its inspiration from mythology and Mesopotamian periods. It’s aligned with the Moon Festival and the increasing threat of the sun. It has unique skill abilities to offer to its players and it relies on many different aspects of damage that a player would face. This makes the game even more challenging.

Viking squad


Get ready to explore the Viking world as you will jump into the chaotic lane-based battles of the Viking squad. You can create a Viking squad of 3 players locally and online. You have got 4 different characters to select and explore this loot-filled adventure with your favorite weapon. This game is all about Viking combat and how much loot you grab.

Battleblock Theater


This game is from the same developer as Castle Crasher. Its mechanics are wacky and it’s fun to play. The game is about stick puppets and begins with players boarding the s.s friendship. This group of friends finds themselves shipwrecked on a strange island and are held hostage by the cats that rule the Island. Players have to entertain these felines through deadly games and challenges which unlock more characters. As you progress through the game the challenges become more difficult and require more teamwork. The controls are user-friendly as it involves jumping, running, and attacking, so you can pick up quickly from the start of the game. However, apart from the basic controls you also require teamwork and other skills to tackle various challenges.

King Arthur’s Gold

Games Like Castle Crashers
Top 10 Games Like Castle Crashers 10

The multiplayer action game King Arthur’s Gold (KAG) is unique and has a similar gameplay style to Terraria. A paid edition of the game, which unlocks most of the basic gameplay and a lot of game bonuses, is available in addition to the free version, which was created by Transhuman Design. Although KAG offers a variety of game variants, the main gameplay involves gathering resources, erecting structures, and then creating various machines to use in PvP battles against the opposing team.In most game types, players will compete as one of two teams and engage in up to 64 player action over a randomly generated area.

Players in King Arthur’s Gold can choose from the Knight, Archer, or Builder class. The KAG classes are fairly self-explanatory, with the Knight acting as a melee warrior with a great deal more durability than the other classes and the Archer acting as a ranged attacker with more agility.

These are all the best games like Castle Crashers that we are sure you would enjoy. All these games have new missions and various challenges to tackle with exciting awards to keep you motivated. Make sure that you try out these games if you are looking for a new game like Castle Crashers.

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