Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Cypher in Valorant


Cypher, Valorant’s quiet sentinel, is an expert at gathering data and managing maps. But you need more than just the basics to really do well with Cypher Valorant. Don’t worry, fellow agents. We’ve found some strange and wonderful Cypher Valorant tips and tricks that will help you move up faster than ever. Let’s jump right in!

1. Baiting Enemies with Fake Traps – Can Cypher’s Utility be Used for More Than Just Intel?

cypher valorant fake traps
cypher valorant fake traps

You can get information from Cypher’s traps and catch enemies off guard with them, but did you know you can also use them to trick your enemies into making mistakes? You can trick your enemies into wasting time and resources trying to clear them by putting fake traps in strange places. Whether it’s using a fake tripwire in a popular chokepoint or a Cyber Cage to trick enemies into a trap, learning how to bait can give you the upper hand in battle and help your team win.

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2. Mind Games with Spycam – How to Outsmart Your Opponents with Cypher’s Surveillance

Cypher spycam
Cypher spycam

The Cypher Valorant Spycam is a great way to get information and keep an eye on important parts of the map. It can also be used to trick your opponents. You could put your Spycam in strange places or use it to check out areas before you move in. They can cause confusion and chaos on the battlefield and give your team the edge they need to win if you keep them thinking and second-guessing.

3. Unconventional Trap Placements – Which Surprising Spots Will Catch Your Enemies Off Guard?

Cypher valorant trap placements
Cypher valorant trap placements

The best places to put Cypher’s tripwires and Cyber Cages are usually the ones that no one would expect, but sometimes the best places are the ones that no one would expect. You can catch your enemies off guard and mess up their plans by putting your traps in strange places, like on roofs or around walls. 

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There are many creative ideas that can help you win the game. For example, a tripwire that catches enemies as they fall from above or a Cyber Cage that cuts off a key rotation route are just a few examples.

4. Flanking with Neural Theft – How to Use Cypher’s Ultimate for Maximum Impact

Neural Theft
Neural Theft

Neural Theft is Cypher’s ultimate ability. It lets him steal the position of a dead enemy player and temporarily show where their live friends are. Neural Theft can be used to get information, but it can also be used to surprise enemies by setting up sides and ambushes. 

Work with your team to take advantage of the enemy’s places being shown and surprise them from areas they didn’t expect. If you attack your attackers when they least expect it, you can turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor and win.

5. Adapting to the Situation – Why Cypher Valorant Players Should Always Stay Flexible

Even though Cypher’s kit is mostly about getting information and controlling the map, you shouldn’t play exactly. Adaptability is very important in Valorant, and Cypher Valorant players should always be ready to change how they play based on what’s going on. 

Staying open-minded and flexible can help you stay ahead of your opponents and easily move up the ranks. For example, you could change where your traps are placed in the middle of a round or change the way you play to fit your team’s plan.

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Cypher Valorant may be a quiet sentinel, but with the right advice and cunning, you can use all of his abilities and rise through the ranks like never before. So, fellow agents, go out into the world and use the power of gathering knowledge and controlling maps to take over the fight with Cypher Valorant by your side. Having these strange and wonderful tips at your hands means that you can do anything with Cypher on your side.

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