The Best Mods for Lords of the Fallen on PC



Want to use the best PC mods for Lords of the Fallen? If yes, then check our guide to discover the top mods that you can use throughout the game.

Lords of the Fallen, the dark fantasy RPG has many challenges. This game is set 1000 years apart from the prequel. Stories, features and content have all been altered to give the best experience to fans. Lords of the Fallen has more than 20 story quests. Also, there are boss battles in each chapter. These are non optional challenges in the game.

The weaponry system in Lords of the Fallen lets you unlock tons of weapons. Explosive weapons, ranged weapons and boss weapons will be your primary weapons to tackle opponents. You can use daggers, swords, hammers and  flails to counter bosses and elite enemies. To enhance your defense, use these armor sets.

 There are throwable items and magic potions as well. To progress in Lords of the Fallen, you have to earn xp points in each stage. This is possible with the best weapons and builds. You can also play with friends in co-op mode and complete campaign challenges.

Players also use mods to exploit new content and complete challenges quickly. To beat Lords of the Fallen, it will take more than 40 hours as you have to complete every campaign quest. But this gets easier with mods. Mods also enhance your gaming experience by unlocking new special features. Everything can be changed with mods. So, find the best PC mods to use in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen PC Mods

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Location in LotF

Here are some Lords of the Fallen PC mods that you can use in every stage of the game.

  • Stuttering and Performance Fix – You can fix all major issues in LotF and ensure a smooth performance. Gameplay will be boosted and bugs will be cleared. Stuttering while playing will be reduced and this mods provides a stability
  • Modded Starter Save and Anti-Cheat Bypass – The battle begins straight after you defeat the Lightreaper. This mod provides extra resistance and health. Your weapons will be upgraded. Also, you can unlock more than 1000 consumables and armor sets
  • Sharpening Removal – The sharpen value will be decreased and this will change visuals and quality to default levels
  • No Intro Movie – This will skip the movie and directly takes you to the game. There will be a light loading screen and lighter videos for loading screen
  • Peepo Run and Peepo Cosy Loading Screens – This will bring an alternate loading screen where you can find a cute green colored Peepo running on the screen
  • Remove Fog – Struggling to overcome foggy areas in Lords of the Fallen? Then use this mod to remove fog completely. You don’t have to adjust your settings anymore to overcome foggy areas
  • Lightwalker Shade – Use this mode to adjust shades in the game. It will change the tone to dark. This mod also adds HDR, curves, bloom and more visual effects
  • Geralt of Rivea Slider – This mod adds high resolution sliders to Witcher playthroughs

These are the best PC mods to use in Lords of the Fallen. As of now, only limited mods have been released.


Is Lords of the Fallen Available for Mobile?

No, Lords of the Fallen 2023 is only exclusively to PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Lords of the Fallen Prequel (2014) version was launched for both mobile and PC, but this time the makers have not decided to launch it for mobile.

Does Lords of the Fallen Sequel Have Co-op?

Yes, you can invite your friend to your lobby and host them. Lords of the Fallen allows 2 players in a lobby and you can add another player as your opponent as well.

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