The US Open men’s singles main draw list just came out and to several people’s wonder, Novak Djokovic seemed to be on the list

As soon as the men’s singles main draw list was released by the US Open social media handle, people lined up to see the 2022 Wimbledon champion’s names on the list. And to their joy, his name was there on the seventh spot. Even though with a name on the list, his entry into the tournament is still in question.

Novak Djokovic celebrates after winning his US Open 2021 first round clash
Novak Djokovic appears on the US Open entry list but eligibility still in question 3

The US Open does not have any vaccination mandate for the players but the United States of America does. The U.S does not permit unvaccinated international citizens from boarding any flight into the country. Novak Djokovic is yet to be vaccinated and thus cannot enter the country.

As per a statement released by the US Open, it states, “Per the ITF Grand Slam rulebook, all eligible players are automatically entered into the men’s and women’s singles main-draw fields based on ranking 42 days prior to the first Monday of the event. The US Open does not have a vaccination mandate in place for players, but it will respect the US government’s position regarding travel into the country for unvaccinated non-US citizens.”

Fans sign petitions to allow Novak Djokovic to compete in the 2022 US Open

Fans of the 35-year-old tennis star have stormed the internet and are signing petitions to allow Novak Djokovic to compete. The online petition has already reached approximately 12,000 signatures and is currently running hot. The petition is asking the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to collab with the country and permit Djokovic into the tournament.

Novak Djokovic US Open
Novak Djokovic appears on the US Open entry list but eligibility still in question 4

The 21 times Grand Slam winner’s participation in the 2022 US open is currently uncertain. He was previously deported from Australia in 2022 after being unvaccinated but later played and won the 2022 Wimbledon. Djokovic is firm on his stance on vaccination and had previously stated how he was prepared to miss Grand Slam events rather than getting vaccinated. The main draw at the US Open begins on Aug. 29. It is to be now seen whether these petitions work and allows Djokovic’s entry into the USA.

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