The Chinese game Swords of Legends Online has multiple characters and classes. You can find out about all the classes here.

Swords of Legends Online is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world with a unique storyline based on Chinese mythology. The combat mechanic is extremely sophisticated and lore and world-building are extremely amazing. 

Classes in Swords Of Legends Online

There are six main classes in Swords of Legends Online. These are further divided into sub-types.

Reaper Class

Reapers use their powerful scythes and blur the boundaries between life and death. Reapers can manipulate the energy of life and reawaken fallen allies and heal fatal injuries. Their connection to the shadows allows them to sneak up on their enemies making them great assassins.

The Reapers were tasked with protecting the sacred objects left behind by Nüwa. They can conceal their presence and spring deadly traps on their enemies.

The Reapers are great solo fighters. They can overpower their foes with powerful attacks and toxic skills. These toxic skills are capable of weakening and even paralyzing their opponents. The Reapers can be Assassins or they can be Occultists.

The Reapers can be excellent DPS assassins with their concealing and paralyzing powers. They can also be excellent support characters with their healing powers. The Reapers with Book of Blessed Healing makes them strong Occultists.

Berserker Class

Berserkers wield massive two-handed swords and claymores and strike fear into the enemies hearts. They can also call upon their loyal wolf to support them in battle. Berserkers have high defence and can also unleash a strong destructive force.

The followers who inherited Qingya’s martial arts and his renowned ability to hold his drink are known as the Berserkers. The Berserker class possesses the ability to transform into a wolf, which can even function as a mount for another ally.

The Slayers of the Berserkers are great DPS. They have swift and brutal attacks. Slayers have certain skills which can create phantom warriors that can be ordered to attack the enemies.

The Berserkers have a great capacity for liquor which enables them to be great Drunken Masters. Drunken Masters use specially brewed medical wine to make their attacks strong and unpredictable. They are incredibly tanky and can harness the force of the wind to block enemy attacks.

Spellsword Class

Spellswords are righteous monks who employ arcane techniques to subdue and eliminate evil spirits. As the name suggests, their weapon of choice is a sword.

Along with their incredible swordsmanship, they have deadly and powerful magic. They can rapidly switch between blades and destructive spells to inflict damage. The Spellswords are the creation of Zhenren Chixia and the students of Taihu Temple.

The Spellswords are well versed with many ancient techniques like teleportation which allows them to move the whole team to a previously marked location. The Sword Artists of the Spellswords are the ranged DPS.

They use their qi to make swords fly and attack enemies from a distance. They can keep themselves safe and drive away enemies with various spells and magic.

The Bladestorm of the Spellswords are melee DPS. They can punish their enemies by setting up swords in a pentagram shape which stuns all hostile enemies. They are extremely fast and they leave echoes on their previous locations while striking their enemies with deadly blows.

Bard Class

They are well cultured and elegant monks who are deeply entwined with the forces of nature. They use elemental harps for ranged DPS and can act as support for your team. They use their magic to hit the foes from a distance or provide support to their allies with powerful healing melodies. The Bards are extremely versatile making them a worthy addition to any team composition. The Bards are the other faction that separated from the Zhenren Chixia. The Bards are native to the Mountains of Wondrous Creation.

Bards play an important role in combat by providing their allies with supporting damage or protection. They can also apply buffs before venturing into dangerous situations. The Dissonance faction of the Bards acts as ranged DPS.

They use their harps to harness the elemental power of nature to inflict powerful attacks from a distance.  The Harmony faction acts as the support. They can manipulate the spiritual energy of the five elements and channel their Soulforce to heal the wounded and dispel evil spirits. 

Summoner Class

They are sacred priests with an irrevocable devotion to creation and faith. With their Celestial Staff, they act as ranged DPS and support. Summoners live in harmony with nature. Their profound knowledge of the natural world makes them powerful allies.

They can summon sprites to support them while unleashing ancient spells. Their celestial healing prayers often prove to be the difference between life and death.

The Nature’s Wrath faction of the Summoner class are ranged DPS. They can use their innate ability to summon spirits and attack opponents. Their powerful Soulforce allows them to channel their spiritual energies.

The Nuwa’s Blessing faction of the Summoner Class are excellent for support. They can channel the flow of spiritual energy through their prayers of devotion. Nuwa’s Blessing Summoners can cast a range of effects to heal their teammates over time.

Spearmaster Class

Spearmaster is a powerful warrior for whom honour is the highest virtue. His weapon of choice is the spear. He is an excellent Tank and melee DPS. Spearmasters have lightning-fast attacks and can cut through enemies like butter.

They are also talented engineers capable of constructing amazon machines to help them in battle. The Spearmasters follow the founder of the Spearmaster school Yuejiang.

The Generals of the Spearmaster faction are deadly fighters. They use their spears to launch enemies into the air. This stuns them for a while making it easier to attack. The Phalanx are supreme tanks in the Spearmaster category. The Phalanx can position themselves in front of their team to reduce incoming damage by summoning a shield wall.

These were the classes and sub-types in the MMORPG Swords Of Legends Online. You can play the game on PC.

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