Here is the Summoners War guide that has some of the best tips and tricks. Follow the guide to have a better gameplay experience.

Summoners War is an action-packed fantasy RPG that takes place in the Sky Arena, where the war is raging over the vital resource of Mana Crystals. Summon more than 1,000 diverse monster varieties to battle it out in the Sky Arena. Put together the best monster team possible for the victory.

You can also craft over 100 items at the new Craft Building, create special buildings, statuaries, and more with the new Craft System and install them wherever you like. Furthermore, you can evolve the skill of your choice with this special monster and summon Homunculus and show off your strategy. To know more about the game you will have to read our Summoners War guide because it has the best tips and tricks to help you improve your game.

Summoners War Guide: Monsters

You have a lot of choices in Summoners War. Knowing which monsters you should spend your energy on can be challenging. The game does not have right or wrong ways to play, but there are slow and fast ways. So chose wisely the monsters that you are going to play with.

Whether you find a monster you really like or not, there’s nothing wrong with leveling it up. However, consider that some monsters aren’t even worth the effort because they don’t provide enough long-term benefits.

Summoners War Guide: Arcane Tower

You should construct the Arcane Tower as soon as possible. Once you reach level 5, the “Arena” feature will become available, allowing you to make the Arcane Tower that is very important to your defense. 

After some time, the Arcane Tower structure will launch a potent AOE strike against hostile enemies. They will have fewer health points as a result, which will make them simpler to destroy. Adding new levels to the building will strengthen the attack, so once you have built it, you will not need to do anything. Just upgrade the building to increase its level.

Summoners War Guide: Elemental Relationships

In the game, you will learn about elemental relationships throughout the game. Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wind, and Wind beats Water. Light and Dark are equally strong against each other. You have “Elemental Advantage” when your monster’s elemental attribute is stronger than the enemy’s.

A crushing hit (+30% damage) is more likely to land when you have Elemental Advantage. With the use of runes, the CR of a monster can be increased to 100%, resulting in very nice damage. As well as increasing your chance of landing a glancing hit (30% damage reduction), Elemental Disadvantage also reduces the number of skill’s harmful effects by another 16%. Glancing hits also block most skills’ harmful effects.

2v2 battle
2v2 battle

Skill up the monsters

Even with good monsters and runes, people complain that their monsters do not survive. To maximize their performance, you must skill them up. This is one thing that many summoners forget. In the beginning, use your family monsters to skill up. Focus on the ones you can get the easiest. Since devilmons require a lot of family skill-ups, you should save them for your strongest monsters.

Team is important

You should synchronize your team so that they work together in Summoners War. Many summoners make the mistake of betting on the same monsters or types of monsters. If you do this, you are likely to lose. 

Team composition should include a damage dealer, an attack/speed buff, debuffs, a healer, and the ability to remove boss buffs. Beware that buffs don’t stack, so it’s wasteful to have two of the same. Consider your options strategically and consider the value that each monster brings to the squad as a whole, not simply as an individual.

Different monsters to choose from
Different monsters to choose from

Get free Summoning Scrolls

As a rule, summoning scrolls are very difficult to obtain, requiring long missions and other activities. However, arena battles can help you obtain them in a much shorter time. The arena battles reward you with medals when you win. These medals can then be converted into summoning scrolls in the Arena Shop. 

Therefore, summoning scrolls can be obtained regularly. Additionally, you can purchase Devilmons, one of the game’s rarest monsters, using your medals. You know how important the Devilmons are for skill level up process. 

Join A Guild

As Summoners War is a game in which communication among players is key, joining a guild is crucial. By joining a guild, you will have access to “Guild Wars” and a private shop. This store also sells summoning scrolls, which you can purchase with guild medals earned from daily check-ins and achievements. 

As a result, you can also obtain the scrolls you need to make a summoning from here. Additional to the Arena scrolls, this method also allows you to make many summonings without cost.

Take part in events

Make sure you keep an eye out for every event and follow the game’s official social media accounts for updates. Special events and Holiday events are great ways to score cool, unique, and useful rewards. Even just attending or watching the Summoners War World Arena Championship qualifies you to win crystals.

Summoners War gameplay
Summoners War gameplay

Mentor System

The mentoring system in Summoner Wars allows players to integrate their top-level monsters into battles. The advantage of this system is that even beginners can win difficult matches. Choosing a mentor is the first step. During every chapter, you will face a powerful boss and will need to choose one mentor from the list to join your team. The mentor you choose can be added to your team once a day. 

You can easily win the battle if you include the mentor monster in your squad for this mission. Additionally, the number of your prizes won’t affect. As soon as the game begins, pick a mentor, and utilize it on tasks that are difficult: By doing this, you can easily get to the middle-game stage.

Use Glory Shop wisely 

Whenever purchasing anything from the glory shop, you should make sure you don’t spend your glory carelessly. You should always purchase the weekly Devilmon first, then either upgrade your Mysterious Plant and/or Sanctum of Energy or purchase Mystical Scrolls. Once that is complete, you can upgrade your Speed and Damage Towers, as well as any other upgrades you feel necessary.

This was everything you needed to know from the Summoners War Guide. These tips and tricks will definitely help you in the game, so read carefully and keep all of them in your mind.

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