Subway Surfers Blast Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


If you are just starting your Subway Surfers Blast adventure our guide provides 10 essential tips and tricks for beginners, including power-up strategies, coin collecting techniques, and high-scoring tricks.

SYBO is expanding the Subway Surfers Universe with its new game Subway Surfers Blast. This project was created under the British company out play entertainment. Earlier the company has also reduced Subway Surfers tag and Subway Surfers match. This is the 1st time that 2 major mobile games studio have come together to reduce gamers’ community in their favorite mobile game Subway Surfers Hero. In this game, players will get to build their world and Subway Surfers in an innovative way.

Subway Surfers Blast official trailer

The game has many rewards and players can unlock rewards by completing various challenges, earning stars, and progressing through the levels.

Subway Surfers Blast Guide

Now if you want to progress through the game more smoothly, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Master the controls

Master the controls Subway Surfers Blast Guide
Master the controls

The first and most important thing is to get used to the controls of the game. It would help if you had smooth gameplay which could only come with a hands-on experience on the game control like swiping left, right, and up and down to navigate through the Subway. Just like the mobile game this too has many obstacles that you will come across. In order to avoid it you will have to smoothen your controls. Subway Surfers Is all about controls so you will have to have smooth controlling skills.

Be alert in the game

Subway Surfers is all about crossing obstacles you will come across in the game. One missed sight could hurt your Subway character a lot so you might want to keep an eye on the tracks ahead to anticipate upcoming obstacles, and trains commonly power up. Knowing what lies ahead would give you time Plan your moms accordingly and avoid unnecessary collisions.

Use Powerups

Use powerups
Use powerups

Subway Surfers has a lot of power-ups to offer to its players. She will be rewarded with many power-ups as you progress through the game or when you need an extra boost. These power-ups could range from coin magnets to super sneakers. If you are lucky you would find your favorite item.

Upgrade your power-ups

Upgrade your powerups Subway Surfers Blast Guide
Upgrade your powerups

Spend your collected coins on upgrading power ups to make them more efficient and last longer. This would assist you in scoring more and running for long distances.

Keep an eye for special events

Special events
Special events

Subway Surfers blast rolls out Special events and challenges that offers unique rewards. In order to get these rewards you can participate in these events to earn extra coins and other exclusive items. These exclusive items could get you unexpected and rare items which is otherwise difficult to get.

Complete Daily Missions

Daily missions Subway Surfers Blast Guide
Daily missions

Daily missions give you additional tasks to complete during your runs. Aim to perform these tasks during your runs as it would give you rewards and other goodies.

Explore different locations

Explore places in Subway Surfers Blast
Explore places in Subway Surfers Blast

The game has many cities and locations that you can explore. Each location has its own unique design and challenges. You can try playing in different cities to experience gameplay and scenery.

Unlock an upgrade characters

Upgrade your characters Subway Surfers Blast Guide
Upgrade your characters

If you collect upgrades during your runs to unlock new characters you will be rewarded with. There are many collectables to collect during your run. This would help you during your game play. You can use your coins to upgrade your character and make them more powerful.

Upgrade your skill

Upgrade your skills
Upgrade your skills

As mentioned above Subway Surfer Blast requires players to have good control skills and improve their reflexes and timing. If you want to progress through the game much more smoothly you will have to upgrade your skill by practicing the game. So keep practicing the game so that you can improve your gameplay and progress faster.

These are a few of the tips to keep in mind if you want to progress through the game. Subway Surfers Blast is a whole new experience in the Subway Surfers franchise as it lets you explore many things. All you have to do is keep all of these tips and tricks in mind so that you can have an overall amazing experience of the game.

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