Soul Knight Sword Master Guide


Are you excited to play with the Soul Knight Sword Master? Well, before starting, you need this guide to completely understand the Sword Master.

The Sword Master is a playable character in Soul Knight. She is a young lady with turquoise eyes and long black hair that covers one side of her face. Her hair is long and black. Her clothing is a sleeveless, white dress with a side cut, and she is wearing a blue sash that is knotted around her waist. Bandages are put over her arms and thighs.

She is able to utilize her abilities to quickly and efficiently eliminate her enemies since she is a master of the sword. The Soul Knight Sword Master is a highly skilled individual. In addition to that, she is an accomplished acrobat, and she is able to use her agility to escape being attacked by the enemy.

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Sword master stats
Sword master stats

Unlocking the Sword Master is possible within the game. As soon as she is unlocked, she will be able to be deployed as a playable character within the game. She is also a non-player character that can be encountered throughout a run. at contact, she will follow the player and provide assistance as a Follower for the current floor only. She will use the Breeze (unupgraded or enhanced at the seventh upgrade) to do so.

The Sword Master is a powerful and adaptable character who can be utilized to great purpose in every situation. For gamers who are seeking for a character who is not only powerful but also stylish, she is an excellent option you should consider. So, here’s everything you need to know about Soul Knight Sword Master.

How to Unlock Soul Knight Sword Master?

You can unlock The Soul Knight Sword Master at a cost of 12,000 gems.

The statistics are changed somewhat with each upgrade.

  • +1 health point cost: 500 gems
  • The cost of +1 Armor is one thousand gems.
  • Cost of +10.0 Energy is 1,500 gems.
  • The cost of -2 seconds Skill Cooldown is 2,000 gems.
  • The cost of upgrading a skill is 2,500 gems.
  • It will cost you 8,000 gems to enhance your starting weapon.
  • The cost of a passive boost is 5,000 gems.

Passive Buff

When you cast this ability, your movement speed will improve, and you will produce five sword intent. The Soul Knight Sword Master is the only one who can use this buff.

After using the skill, the movement speed of Sword Master is increased by twenty percent for a period of two seconds. In contrast to what is said in the description, Sword Master is capable of producing five Sword Intent even if she does not have this buff unlocked, and receiving this boost does not cause her to produce more Sword Intent.

Skill 1 – Tempest Blade

  • Unlock requirement: Unlocked by default.
  • Effect: Dash forward, slash enemies, and dash back. You take no damage while slashing.
  • Skill upgrade: Upon hitting enemies 3 times or more, reduce skill cooldown by 1 second and gain 5 Sword Intent.


Tempest Blade is a basic attack that can be used to quickly close the distance between you and your opponent. It also deals damage and knocks enemies back, making it a good option for crowd control. The skill upgrade reduces the cooldown of Tempest Blade, making it available more often. It also grants you Sword Intent, which can be used to power up your other skills.


  • Use Tempest Blade to quickly close the distance between you and your opponent.
  • Use it to knock enemies back and create space for yourself.
  • Use the skill upgrade to reduce the cooldown of Tempest Blade and gain more Sword Intent.

Mentor Upgrade:

  • Repeatedly slash enemies and unleash additional projectiles at the end.
  • 8.6 seconds is the cooldown time.
  • Sprint ahead, slash the opponents, and then sprint backward. When you slash, you do not sustain any damage.
  • The Soul Knight Sword Master makes a beeline for the enemy that is the nearest to him. Five and a half tiles are the maximum distance.
  • She cuts a vast area several times in a short amount of time. Following that, Sword Master makes a sprint back and executes three more slashes.
  • Soul Knight Sword Master does not sustain any direct damage during the first six slashes; nevertheless, she may still be affected by status effects such as Burn and other similar effects.
  • Every slash does six damage and has the potential to crit.
  • The duration of the CD for this skill is eight (6) seconds, and it begins immediately after the skill is activated.

The Tempest Blade has the potential to be improved even further when combined with the following buffs:

  • BuffMeleeReflect is a feature that allows the slashes to deflect projectiles.
  • The BuffMeleeRange ability extends the range of attacks.

Skill upgrade

Sword master gameplay
Sword master gameplay
  • If you strike enemies three times or more, your skill CD will be reduced, and you will get five Sword Intent.
  • The Sword Intent bar, which can be found beneath the Energy bar, is unlocked when this happens.
  • It is possible to hold a maximum of thirty points of Sword Intent at any given moment.
  • After activating her skill, Sword Master receives five points of Sword Intent, and she receives an additional five points if her skill attacks can land three or more hits on the enemy.
  • When the skill is used to attack enemies three times or more, the duration of the skill’s cooldown is decreased by one second.
  • The following skill activation of the Soul Knight Sword Master will deal three more slashes. It will also discharge a three-projectile attack when the Sword Master has collected thirty points of Sword Intent.
  • Every one of the missiles deals eight damage.
  • Repeatedly slash enemies and unleash additional projectiles at the end.
  • When sprinting in, they perform a 12-slash attack rather than a 6-slash strike. In the end, one missile is released.
  • Releases five missiles rather than three when the Sword Intent is at its fullest.


Who is the Sword Master in Soul Knight, and what are her characteristics?

The Sword Master is a playable character in Soul Knight, characterized by turquoise eyes, long black hair, and a sleeveless white dress with a side cut. She excels in swordsmanship, agility, and efficiently eliminating enemies.

How can players unlock the Soul Knight Sword Master?

The Sword Master can be unlocked in Soul Knight by spending 12,000 gems. The guide provides additional information on the costs associated with upgrading various statistics.

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