SMITE 2 Ascension Passes & God Mastery Explained!


When SMITE 2 Ascension Passes come out, you’ll be able to improve your skills and get more prizes. Here’s everything you need to know.

The God Mastery method has changed a lot with SMITE 2 Ascension Passes. SMITE 2 is good for both casual and serious players because it has a free tier with good rewards and an optional premium tier that is full of cosmetic items. This system will likely keep getting better as the game goes on, giving players more and more ways to show how good they are at SMITE 2 and how much they love their favorite gods.

This cool system, which was shown off along with the Founder’s Editions for SMITE 2, promises to make your God Mastery journey better by giving you lots of special cosmetic prizes.

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God Mastery: The Core of SMITE 2 Progression

The God Mastery system that players know and love is still at the heart of SMITE 2. When you play matches with your favorite gods, you’ll earn Worshipers, which are a special coin for that god. As you get more Worshipers, you’ll move up through the Mastery Levels and unlock different cosmetic prizes.

Here’s a breakdown of how God Mastery works in SMITE 2:

  • Earn Worshipers: Every match you play with a particular god will grant you Worshipers specific to that deity. The more effectively you perform, the more Worshipers you’ll earn.
  • Unlock Mastery Levels: As you accumulate Worshipers, you’ll reach designated milestones that unlock new Mastery Levels. These levels represent your growing expertise with a particular god.
  • Reap the Rewards: Each Mastery Level comes with a variety of cosmetic rewards, including skins, emotes, trackers, badges, and more. Many of these rewards are free to unlock simply by reaching the designated Mastery Level.

SMITE 2 Ascension Passes

The core God Mastery system gives you a good set of free rewards, but SMITE 2 Ascension Passes really step things up. These extra purchases will make your God Mastery experience even better by giving you access to a whole new level of premium cosmetic rewards.

Here’s a closer look at how Ascension Passes function:

  • Individual God Progression: It is important to remember that SMITE 2 Ascension Passes can only be bought once per god. So, you’ll need to buy an Ascension Pass for each god whose premium Mastery rewards you want to get.
  • Unlock Ascended Rewards: When you buy an Ascension Pass for a certain god, you can get a new level of cosmetic rewards that are tied to that god’s Mastery Levels. These rewards are different from the free rewards you get as you level up in Mastery.
  • Ascend Anytime: One great thing about Ascension Passes is that you can buy them whenever you want. You can still buy the Ascension Pass and get all the Ascended rewards you would have unlocked along the way, even if you’ve already reached a high Mastery Level with a certain god.
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Free vs. Ascended Rewards: A Breakdown of What You Get

Here is a full breakdown of the cosmetic rewards you can get from the free God Mastery system and the paid SMITE 2 Ascension Passes:

Free Mastery Rewards:

  • 1 Skin
  • Clap Emote
  • Wave Emote
  • God Kill Tracker (New Item!)
  • God Assist Tracker (New Item!)
  • God Mastery Level 10 Badge (New Item!)
  • Mastery Emblem
  • Mastery Emblem Stars (for Levels 11+)

Ascended Mastery Rewards (unlocked with Ascension Pass):

  • Unlocked Immediately:
    • Permanent Worshiper Boost for the Ascended God
    • 1 Skin
    • 1 Advanced Tracker (New Item!)
    • God Mastery Emote
  • Unlocked Through Mastery Levels:
    • 2 More Skins
    • 1 More Advanced Tracker (New Item!)
    • 1 Global Emote
    • 1 Title
    • Additional Loading Screen Cosmetics

Founder’s Edition Bonus: Ascension Passes Included!

Fans of SMITE 2 who are excited to try out the Ascension Pass system can get a good start with the Founder’s Editions. Whether you choose the Standard or Deluxe Founder’s Edition, you will receive Ascension Passes for certain gods. These passes will let you directly access the premium Mastery rewards for those gods.

The Deluxe Founder’s Edition grants SMITE 2 Ascension Passes for the following 11 gods:

  • Zeus
  • Anubis
  • Bellona
  • Chaac
  • Ymir
  • Bacchus
  • Neith
  • Anhur
  • Loki
  • Cernunnos
  • Hecate

The Future of SMITE 2

With the addition of SMITE 2 Ascension Passes, the developers have promised that players will be able to get a lot of fun cosmetic rewards. The new God Mastery system has something for everyone. The free tier has good rewards, and the premium tier can be turned on or off to get even more special material. 

SMITE 2 is always getting better, so new skins, emotes, and other visual items will be added all the time to keep players interested in mastery. Even though specifics about upcoming cosmetics haven’t been shared yet, the addition of Ascension Passes suggests that SMITE 2 will have a lively and constantly growing library of material that can be earned.

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