A report that Kevin Durant would think about retirement was refuted by the Brooklyn Nets star himself earlier on Tuesday.

Kevin Durant made a point of avoiding the thought of staying away from Brookly Nets training camp. However, the idea that he would give up playing if the Nets don’t agree to his trade demand was completely ruled out.

“I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon”, Durant stated Tuesday afternoon on Twitter, which is his usual forum. “I know most people will believe unidentified sources over me,” Durant added. “S–t is comical at this point.”

The declaration followed a story by NBA insider Marc Stein, who said that in early July, a knowledgeable NBA source told him that Durant “was more inclined to retire than play again for the Nets.”

While Durant, who is well renowned for his passion for the game and desire to play, was adamant in rejecting the notion of retirement, there was no indication from his tweet that he intended to be to training camp on time.

Just a few days after fellow Nets star Kyrie Irving exercised his $36 million player option for the upcoming season, Durant made a trade request.

The Nets did not get any bids to match their high asking price when Durant informed them that he wanted to be traded, ideally to the Phoenix Suns or Miami Heat: Young talent, many first-round choices, and an All-Star pivot are present. Then, on Monday, it was revealed that Durant had adopted a more assertive stance and demanded the dismissal of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.

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As of right now, Nash continues to serve as Durant’s coach and Marks continues to serve as his employer. Owner of the Nets Joe Tsai has openly endorsed Nash and Marks and hasn’t yet demonstrated any desire to trade Durant for pennies on the dollar.

On August 8, Tsai tweeted, “Our front office and coaching staff have my backing.” “We’ll make choices that are best for the Brooklyn Nets,” Inertia has essentially been caused by a lack of leverage.

Teams have found it difficult to compete with Durant’s worth, which has been bolstered by the fact that he signed a four-year contract. Or maybe they’re just not interested. If this action was intended to undermine that ideal or to make life in Brooklyn unbearable to the point that Marks has dealt with him, it hasn’t succeeded thus far.

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