Saiyan: Battle for Supremacy Tier List – All Characters Ranked


Explore the Saiyan: Battle for Supremacy Tier List with rankings for every character. Optimize your gameplay, dominate battles, and strategize with this comprehensive guide.

Saiyan Battle For Supremacy stands as a prominent installment within the Dragon Ball Franchise, featuring real-time 1v1 battles showcasing the prowess of ultimate Dragon Ball Z heroes. The game boasts mesmerizing graphics, immersing players in the visually stunning world of Dragon Ball Z through its captivating 3D visuals and intricately designed characters.

As you embark on your gaming journey, you must strategically select from a diverse array of Dragon Ball Z characters to assert dominance over your adversaries on the battlefield. Success in the game hinges on assembling a formidable roster of characters, prompting us to present the Saiyan Battle For Supremacy Tier List to guide you in choosing the most powerful contenders for victory.

Saiyan Battle For Supremacy Tier List: All Tiers Explained

Battle for Supremacy Tier List

Taking into account their comprehensive performance, skills, and abilities, we have categorized all the characters into five distinct tiers:

  • Tier SSS (Super Power): Characters in this tier exhibit extraordinary power, surpassing all others. They possess unmatched skills and abilities, making them the pinnacle of strength and dominance on the battlefield.
  • Tier SS (Excellent): Characters in this tier excel in various aspects, demonstrating exceptional skills and capabilities. While not reaching the absolute pinnacle, they stand out as highly formidable contenders.
  • Tier S (Overpowered): Characters in this tier are exceptionally powerful, possessing abilities that give them a significant edge in battles. They may not be at the very top, but their strength is undeniable.
  • Tier A (Best – Strong): Characters in this tier are among the best, showcasing strong performance in battles. They have noteworthy skills and abilities that make them formidable opponents, deserving recognition for their strength.
  • Tier B (Good – Moderate): Characters in this tier are good, displaying moderate strength. While not exceptionally powerful, they are solid contenders with a balanced set of skills and abilities, making them reliable in various situations.
  • Tier C (Average): Characters in this tier are considered average, having neither outstanding strengths nor significant weaknesses. They are competent but may lack the standout qualities of higher-tier characters.
  • Tier D (Weak): Characters in this tier are relatively weak. They may struggle in battles and lack the exceptional skills that define stronger characters. You should consider strategic choices when you include them in your lineup.

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy: S—Tier Characters (OP Characters)

  1. Broly — S
  2. Super Saiyan Blue — S
  3. Whis — S
  4. Vegito — S

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy: A Tier Characters (Best Characters)

  1. Android 16 — A
  2. Zamasu — A
  3. Margin Vegito — A
  4. Champer — A
  5. Trunks — A
  6. Toppo — A
  7. Kefla — A
  8. Ultra Instinct Goku — A
  9. Nami — A

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy: B Tier Characters (Good Characters)

Within this tier, we’ve placed well-structured characters endowed with formidable abilities. However, while these characters may not reach the standards set by those in the tier above, they remain suitable options for beginners to consider in their gameplay.

  1. Frost — B
  2. Buu — B
  3. Arunka — B
  4. Pavel — B
  5. Melissa — B

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy: C Tier Characters (Average Characters)

  1. Aria — C
  2. Feira — C
  3. Senya — C
  4. Kayron — C
  5. Nahkwol — C

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy: D Tier Characters (Average Characters)

  1. Roozid — D
  2. Orte — D
  3. Bellona — D
  4. Mighty Yaksha — D
  5. Rhianna & Lucielia — D

As this is a recently launched game, the “Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Tier List” is still a work in progress. Currently, the characters have been ranked according to their power levels. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to ask in the comments section of this post.

Saiyan Battle For Supremacy Best Characters Tier List


In Saiyan Battle for Supremacy, some characters stand out as remarkably overpowered. In this overview, we’ll delve into the rankings of all the characters featured in the game.

The roster of Saiyan Battle for Supremacy encompasses various characters from Dragon Ball Z, each with distinct stat attributes. Our ranking spans from S Tier to C Tier, where S Tier characters reign supreme with the most exceptional stats and abilities. Utilizing them can be pivotal in securing victories, especially in challenging battles later in the game.

On the contrary, C Tier characters fall below the average mark, and their skills are primarily beneficial in the early stages of the game. Characters falling between these extremes are well-suited for the early to mid-game phases, though it is advisable to transition to a more formidable character as soon as the opportunity arises.

S Tier Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Characters

  • Broly
  • Majin Vegito
  • Super Saiyan Blue
  • Top
  • Ultra Instinct Goku
  • Vegito
  • Whis
  • Zamasu

A Tier Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Characters

  • Android 16
  • Kefla
  • Nami
  • Perfect Cell
  • Super Buu
  • Toppo
  • Trunks

B Tier Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Characters

  • Beerus
  • Champa
  • Frieza
  • Goku
  • Innocent Buu

C Tier Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Characters

  • Android 18
  • Buu
  • Dabura
  • Frost
  • Imperfect Cell
  • Kid Buu
  • Nappa
  • Piccolo Jr.
  • Vegeta

That concludes the comprehensive overview of the ranked characters in Saiyan Battle for Supremacy.

Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Codes

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The primary focus of the game revolves around engaging in battles with adversaries and enhancing your character’s strength through upgrades. Without an ample supply of currency or upgraded items, progressing can be challenging. Fortunately, we have provided valid codes that, when redeemed, grant you access to numerous currencies and items free of charge.

List of All Active Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Codes

The codes for Saiyan Battle for Supremacy are “DB888.”

As of November 18th, 2023, we have verified the existence of new codes! The following is a compilation of all presently active codes.

Active Codes

  • DB888 – Redeem code for freebies
  • GOKU888 – Redeem code for 500 Diamonds
  • FBREWARD100 – Redeem code for freebies
  • FBSTAGE200 – Redeem code for freebies
  • FBGPWELCOM – Redeem code for freebies
  • VEGETA888 – Redeem code for 1-hour EXP Boosts and 200 Capsules
  • GOKU666 – Redeem code for freebies
  • DB666 – Redeem code for freebies
  • VEGETA666 – Redeem code for freebies
  • FBINTEL300 – Redeem code for freebies

Expired Codes

There are no expired codes yet.

How to Redeem Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Codes?

Here are the correct steps to redeem your Saiyan Battle for Supremacy code:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Access “Services” by selecting the profile icon located at the top-left side of the screen.
  3. Retrieve the code from our provided list.
  4. Click on the “Redeem” button.
  5. Input the code and confirm by pressing the “Confirm” button.

Where to Find a New Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Codes?

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You can stay informed about the latest Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Codes by visiting our website. Alternatively, you can stay updated on all code releases by following the game’s official social media networks.


The “Saiyan: Battle for Supremacy Tier List – All Characters Ranked” provides a comprehensive guide to the diverse roster featured in the game. From the pinnacle of strength in the SSS Tier to the varied capabilities in the lower tiers, this ranking is a valuable resource for players seeking to optimize their gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for dominance or a beginner navigating the Saiyan universe, this tier list offers insights to help you strategically assemble your team and conquer the challenges.

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