Here is a tier list of all the characters in Rivals of Aether ranked based on their strength and usability in the game.

Rivals of Aether is a fighting game created by Dan Fornace and released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. In 2020, a separate game called Creatures of Aether was released for iOS and Android. Super Smash Land, a fan-made recreation of Super Smash Bros., is the spiritual heir to Super Smash Land, and Rivals of Aether’s gameplay is heavily influenced by it. Each character must try to knock the others out in a two-dimensional arena.

Characters can use elemental-based attacks or passive abilities that impact the stage in addition to fighting game-style actions. This generates a set strategy in which participants attack one other as well as the arena itself. In comparison to Smash Bros., the gameplay promotes offense over defense; attacks may only be prevented by performing a timed “parry” rather than raising a shield, and characters cannot safely grab edges when returning to the stage. Here is our Rivals of Aether Tier List.

Rivals of Aether Tier list

S Tier Characters


Forsburn is a versatile character who can harness the power of smoke. He has a number of good combinations and a lot of usefulness. The main drawback is that he has a steep learning curve, which makes him a difficult choice for beginners. His elemental powers are Smoke Screen, Decoy, and Consume/Combust.


Zetterburn is one of the Rivals of Aether’s oldest characters, possessing the element of fire. He is a lethal and vicious attacker with strong and devastating attacks. Because he can destroy all foes and bosses, Zetterburn is the best attacker for an offensive game condition and level. His elemental powers are Burn Damage, Wild Fire, and Fire Amp.


Maypul is a popular choice among gamers all over the world because of her strong abilities and quick movements. She may not be capable of self-healing, but she can certainly kick some ass. Her elemental powers are Watcher’s Mark, Wrapped Up, and Sling Shot. 

Ori and Sein

Ori and Sein, from Ori and the Blind Forest, work together to overcome their foe. While Ori employs Bash, Stomp, and Glide to win, Sein uses Spirit Flame or Charged Flame to put their opponents in a difficult position.

rivals of aether s tier

A Tier Characters


Ranno, the game’s third water-based character, dominates his opponents by releasing his Toxic Trap, which allows him to combo. He also employs Poison Spin and Poison Stacks, both of which render his opponents defenseless. There is some debate as to where Ranno should be on the Rivals of Aether Tier List, since his power level can fluctuate based on the play


Sylvanos is a wolf-like creature with large leaves for fur and branches for legs. He is known as the ultimate villain in the Aether universe, and his wrath is manifested through Untamed Growth, Burrow, and Vine Pin.


The element of lightning is personified by Absa. Due to her unusual playstyle based on cloud control and her up special’s complicated mobility, she is one of the most difficult characters to master. These are difficult to get right, but they offer a wide range of possibilities. Her elemental powers are Cloud Control, Thunder Bolt, and Condensed Storm.


Etalus dominates opponents with his enormous hitboxes and quickness. He concentrates on laying down the ice to increase the pace of his wavedash and dash attacks. His aerials are lethal killing options, and his ice armour provides him with both offensive and defensive capabilities. His elemental powers are Home Ice Advantage, Armored Up, and Avalanche. 

etalus rivals of aether a tier

B Tier Characters


Clairen’s abilities aren’t particularly impressive, but she can certainly deal damage with her sword. In addition, her powerful force field makes it difficult for adversaries to reach her. Clairen’s elemental powers are Ionized Tip, Plasma Echo, and Energy Field.


Wrastor’s Moveset revolves around the air, and he can approach quickly from any position by creating an air current that rushes down his opponents. His bulk allows him to avoid combos more readily than other characters, but it also causes him to die considerably sooner. His elemental powers are Winged Flight, Wind Current, and Aerial Ace


He is an expert at employing unusual blocks to confound and finally combo opponents as the Earth’s Bastion. Kragg, who is known for his large bulk and superb edge-guarding, defeats his foes with Rock Hurl, Defense Ball, and Earth Pillar.

wrastor the bird character

C Tier Characters


Heat and steam aren’t normally associated with snakes, but that has to change with Elliana. Elliana can easily confuse her opponents with her sophisticated projectiles for her missiles and rockets. Her elemental powers are Overheat, Letting Off Steam, and Abandon Ship.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, a guest character from the same-named game, can adapt to various matchups and playstyles. All you need to do now is go to the shop and purchase some improvements. Treasure Hunter, Relics and Armor, and Shovel Drop are Shovel Knight’s elemental abilities.

orcane the cute dolphin like character


Yes, Orcane is adorable, but he is also incredibly deadly. With his rapid attacks and excellent stage control, he can also deliver extended and complicated combinations. Puddle Teleportation, Bubble Evaporation, and Water Amp are his elemental abilities.

This was our Rivals of Aether Tier List. This is based on our experience and should be used as a guide for the game. You should also consider choosing your characters based on your playstyle. You can play the game on Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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