The rising star of NXT: Who is Lola Vice? Unraveling her MMA background and more


All you should know about the rising star of NXT Lola Vice, unraveling her MMA background, and more

The rising star of NXT: Who is Lola Vice? Unravelling her MMA background and more
The rising star of NXT: Who is Lola Vice? Unravelling her MMA background and more

Valerie Loureda, who goes by the ring name Lola Vice, was born on July 19, 1988, in Miami, Florida. She is a mixed martial artist who is signed to the WWE on NXT.

One fact about Lola is that she became an international taekwondo champion and a black belt, which compiled a 4-1 MMA record in fighting. She made her debut with the WWE on January 27, 2023, and appeared on the episode of NXT Level Up, where she had to fight against Dani Palmer.

She also appeared on February 24, 2023, in the episode of NXT and lost against Sol Rua. She has also competed all across the world as a flyweight in mixed martial arts, highlighted by KO’s and TKO’s. Here is everything you should know about Valerie Loureda, including details about her MMA background.

Who is Lola Vice?

Valerie Loureda, or Lola, also opened up about her transition from MMA to WWE, and she competed for Bellator before coming to WWE.

She stated how people think it is easy to transition into wrestling, but that is not true. She stated how she always wanted to be a wrestler, and when he tried his hand in his field, she succeeded.

She stated that WWE has been beneficial in giving her opportunities to advance her wrestling skills and career. She also highlighted how Rhonda Rousey inspired her to do better in life and become a wrestler.

Vice was able to fulfill her dreams through WWE, and her mother was diagnosed with leukemia. She stated that Vice was born to be an entertainer, and WWE had given her the platform to be better.

Before making her debut, she stated that she wanted to prove herself as a martial artist and entertainer, and she wanted to prove herself. She highlighted that WWE is way more difficult than MMA.


Lola Vice stated that WWE’s environment was very difficult, and it took a lot of time for her to adjust to the environment. She stated that it was arduous for her to give up control and let the coaches handle things for her.

She stated switching her struggles from masculine to feminine energy, and she stated that WWE comprises being a girl and getting her eyelashes, hair, and nails done. The switch from MMA to WWE was a huge step, and she is looking forward to what more is to come in WWE.

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