Body Slamming Stereotypes: Nia Jax’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey Unveiled


All you should know about Nia Jax’s incredible weight-loss journey has been unveiled.

Body Slamming Stereotypes: Nia Jax's Incredible Weight Loss Journey Unveiled
Nia Jax

Savelina Fanene, who goes by the ring name Nia Jax, is an American-born American wrestler who was born on May 29, 1984, and she is currently signed to WWE.

She is also Raw’s Women’s Champion and a former two-time women’s tag team champion. She is of German and Samoan descent. She went to Palomar College in San Diego, California, and attended Carlsbad High School, where she played basketball during her college years. She has also worked as a plus-size model.

Nia Jax has worked on her body, has lost a lot of weight, and has become one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE. Let us take a deep dive into Nia Jax’s weight loss and how she did it.

Nia Jax’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey Unveiled

Nia Jax has worked on her weight, and she has lost up to 48 pounds. She made a comeback, and she completely destroyed Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez during the main event match.

She has worked very hard on her body and has made dramatic changes through weight loss. Her hard work was quite visible in her WWE match.

Nia Jax highlighted how she started to feel uncomfortable with her body after her friend Charlotte Flair’s wedding and decided to get rid of the extra weight.

Flair has been a crucial part of Jax’s weight loss journey, as she is the one who sends her consistent weight loss programs and workouts. After working out consistently, Jax has lost 48 pounds, and she has also been seen working out with her friend Charlotte.

People were not aware that Nia would return to the WWE, but her return in September 2023 shocked everyone. She was signed by Vince McMahon after returning to the company.


Nia Jax has been putting in the work, and her efforts have been quite visible through her newly transformed body. She thanked her friend Charlotte and recognized her efforts in helping her lose 48 pounds within six months.

Charlotte responded to Nia’s appearance and stated that it was her efforts that helped her do better. She received a plethora of compliments from AEW broadcaster Renee Paquette and more.

With her new look and physique, there is a lot that is coming along with Nia Jax, and we can just wait and see what more is to come.

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