OnlyFans for Dana Brooke? Former WWE star joins Lacey Evans in creating FanTime account 



Dana Brooke has created a new FanTime account but the former WWE star is not on OnlyFans 

Dana Brooke is on FanTime
Dana Brooke is on FanTime but not OnlyFans (WWE)

OnlyFans has become a side gig for many to earn a bit on the side. A lot of athletes have created accounts on OnlyFans, especially when it comes to MMA stars. 

Paige VanZant is possibly one of the biggest names associated with OnlyFans, and a few WWE stars have followed suit as well. Mandy Rose is the biggest name, the former WWE star also has an OnlyFans account. 

Hannah Goldy is on OnlyFans
Hannah Goldy is a UFC star on OnlyFans (Hannah Goldy Instagram)

OnlyFans is a content site where users pay for videos, photos and more created by someone. Most of the time, OnlyFans accounts share adult content that their followers buy.

VanZant has become a huge star thanks to her posts on OnlyFans, and a former WWE star has also become part of this trend.

Dana Brooke, real name Ashley Mae Sebera, confirmed that she has created a FanTime account. Now this is a little different from an OnlyFans account, but the premise seems to be the same.

Brooke posted a tantalising photo on social media as she confirmed that she had made her FanTime account.

She isn’t the only one to be on FanTime. Former WWE star Lacey Evans also has a FanTime account.

FanTime is similar to OnlyFans but there is a bit of a difference. Here the account holder can have a domain and personalise their pages as well, something that OnlyFans doesn’t allow. 

Brooke also seems to have a premium paywall, which means quite a bit of NSFW content could be on the way. 


Dana Brooke was one of the latest cuts from WWE, and she might have a no-compete clause. While she can’t join another wrestling company for a bit of time, she can still rake in the money.

Content creation has become a huge side business for former WWE stars. Mandy Rose is the best example of someone making a ton of money, and it will be interesting to see how much Dana Brooke makes. 

Dana Brooke is a former WWE 24/7 Champion (WWE)
Dana Brooke is a former WWE 24/7 Champion (WWE)

Brooke wasn’t known for posting NSFW content or going that route during her WWE career. However, this is a great chance for her to explore that side, if she wants to. 

There could also be some collaborations along the way if things go right. Mandy Rose and Paige VanZant did collaborate for a photoshoot and more, and that got a lot of pulses racing.

Dana Brooke was one of the most hardworking stars in the business, but she was never really able to get the fans behind her all the time.

There is no denying her talent, and it will be interesting to see if she does return to the wrestling world later on. 

She is a professional bodybuilder as well and earned several accolades so far. 

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