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Explore the magical lands of Reverse 1999 with John Titor. Find out the best skills from our Reverse 1999 John Titor build guide.

Reverse 1999 is a striking fantasy adventure and RPG. The game has unprecedented features and the genre is completely new as well. Reverse 1999 is a time-travel based fantasy game that takes place after the events of a storm in 1999. In the present world, players take on the role of a Timekeeper. The world is normal and new arcanists are working on magical spells to overcome enemies. There’s another shocking news that the storm that affected arcanists in 1999 is returning to the present world.

Arcanists have to overcome another hurdle and avoid the storm. You have to explore other worlds and meet new arcanists and discover the old secrets. Magic spells are your only savior to overcome the dark force. You can play as a unit from a planet and join with other arcanists in the campaign. There are various story quests in Reverse 1999 and each act has many objectives.

You have to complete tasks, daily missions and weekly challenges from the campaign of Reverse 1999. Every task offers rewards and these can be used to summon new characters. John Titor is a three-star support unit from New York. John Titor is an intellect and she only deals in code words. But, she’s a beast when it comes to battles. Here, you can find the top skills and bonuses for Reverse 1999 John Titor.

Reverse 1999 John Titor Build

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Reverse 1999 John Titor

John Titor is hailed as a dispeller. She’s an innocent supporter and will be an ideal pair for all DPS and tanks in Reverse 1999. The best skills for Reverse 1999 John Titor are,

Garbled Coding Log

The main Inheritance skill increases HP and DMG healing for John Titor. This only works well once John Titor launches the first attack in battle. Once the caster is active, the Garbled Coding Log will be unleashed throughout the battle.

Insight Bonus

Reverse 1999 John Titor

Insight Bonus grants bonus effects for all base stats of John Titor. It increases her level cap to 40 and the inheritance skill will be enhanced. Insight Bonus is common for all arcanists in the game.

Portrait Skills

The three major Portrayal skills for John Titor grant unique bonus effects. 

  • Bytes – Bytes dispels status effects from all enemies. It also purifies neg status and control from allies. Every ally will receive a shield for 3 rounds. It can be used to block damage.
  • Not a Decoration – This can be used to increase the reality damage stats. John Titor will deal 500% reality DMG.
  • A True Genius! – This increases damage stats and John Titor will enter the self-healing state. It provides increased hp for 3 rounds.

Use these skills for John Titor and win battles efficiently. John Titor is a top-notch supporter and you can increase her damage stats with these skills. The best team comps for Reverse 1999 John Titor are,

  • Matilda – Matilda is a five-star DPS. Known as the best tank in Reverse 1999, Matilda will be an excellent pair for John Titor. She’s also a debuffer.
  • Sweetheart – Sweetheart can be your best dps with the best control rate. Nee crit rate and ATK are very high and this makes her one of the strongest units in the game. Sweetheart will be a good addition for John Titor’s squad.
  • Bunny Bunny – A healer like Bunny Bunny is always a powerful addition to your party. With some DPS along with John Titor, Bunny Bunny will be a great healing option. You can use her Nasty Wound status effects to reduce the hp of enemies.

That’s everything you need to know about the strongest build for Reverse 1999 John Titor. We will come back with more Reverse 1999 guides and updates soon.

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Portrait Skills

Is Reverse 1999 a Good Game to Play in 2024?

Reverse 1999, the time-travel strategic and turn-based RPG is out for Mobile and PC. This is a free-to-play gacha game where you can pull five-star and six-star units to engage in battles. Reverse 1999 has splendid graphics and mind-blowing stories in fantasy locations.

How to Get Six-star Units in Reverse 1999?

Pulling six-star characters in Reverse 1999 is not easy. You have to complete stories and get all currency and resources. Even then, the spin wheel doesn’t guarantee you a six-star unit. Once you complete 30 Summons, you will start unlocking six-star characters.

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